Night Maneuvers

Night Maneuvers

Tawny Weber

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 Reviewed by Helen

MS Weber's stories always draw me in they are sensual seductive and fabulous and this one is a prequel to a new series about SEAL's woohoo bring them on. This is an elite brotherhood team within the SEALs known as Poseidon and they like to keep their secrets so when the Navy decides to do a PR feature for Navy birthday celebrations and sends a journalist in for the story this should be easy for SEAL Aaron Ward (Bulldog) to convince her not to write the story but that might be difficult when he meets Bryanna Radisson.

Sit back and enjoy this very sexy read as Aaron tries very hard to not fall for the beautiful strong willed and very smart Bryanna could this be love at first sight for both Aron and Bryanna because one night together is never going to be enough after Bryanna gets to know Aaron in mind and body there is such a spark between them both.

I loved this one beautifully written sensual and had me smiling and sighing, and I cannot wait for the rest in this series we get to quickly meet the other members of Poseidon and I say bring on their stories thank you MS Weber for another fabulous story quick, fast paced and just the thing for a couple of hours of pleasure.

5/5 stars for a great story

Expected publication: December 1st 2016 by Harlequin Books