A Seal's Sacrifice by Tawny Weber

Review by TashNZ | 4 Stars

A super quick read which focused on Bryanna's brother Russell and Sam's brother Noah. Sam an Bryanna are from A Seal's Proposal. The story opens at Sam and Bryanna's engagement party. Gwen is Russell's plus one and looks on with a sense of sadness... New Years Eve brings back bad memories for her and when Noah, the object of her bad memories makes an appearance, almost nothing good can come of it...

As I say super quick, but with enough detail be include the slight twist of who will Gwen chose, although it's easy to pick if she's going with her heart. I don't know Noah alot but my heart burst when it was explained he was back for Gwen and solely Gwen... the most difficult mission of his life.

A stupid agreement between kids is a wonderful road block to create the novella's. I really liked Russell in A Seal's Proposal so I hope he gets a wonderful woman he deserves too :)