A Seal's Proposal by Tawny Webber

Review by TashNz | 5 Stars

The author has skillfully captured my attention, she has made me believe in Sam and Bryanna and made me want them to have their happy ever after, which doesn't often happen in Novella's due to the space constraints.

A Seal's Proposal is engaging, straight to the point and thoroughly entertaining. I felt Bryanna's love and yearning to live happily every after with Sam and I could understand Sam's tug of heart over the right thing to do for everyone and himself. When i was interrupted during the day this story was on my mind, I was continuously wondering what was Sam going to do! The writing is refreshing and stirs up emotions and I thought Bryanna was just awesome, especially the spatula throwing incident. 

I enjoyed the side characters, which I've now learnt are part of other stories and above all, I hope some awesome girl comes along and kicks Eli's butt from here to the land of love!

Top read which could be of novel length and be just as enjoyable.