Her Baby, His Love by Lynne Marshall

Review by Cheryl | 5 Stars

ynne Marshall knew 100% what she was doing when she wrote this love story between Taylor Clark and Joe Collins and calling it Her Baby, His Love. It deserves more stars then 5. 
Sometimes life just isn’t fair. Sometimes it takes twists and turns and you stop trusting people. But sooner or later you will find that it was all to lead you to forever love.
Taylor got taken by her newest boyfriend. She thought it might last and so when her coworker brought the newspaper and showed her what that boyfriend was really doing she knew she had to give notice and leave town. She was so hurt and so dejected again as if she had not had enough heart break by her parents and still did. 
Joe knows he should not get involved but something in Taylor’s eyes caught his attention. He is has been a member of the town called Charity, Montana. Taylor moves into a house that he is a property manager for. He did not expect her quite yet and so the house outside we not finished up yet. 
Joe’s ex worked in the diner in town and Arlene kept thinking that Joe was still going to be hers. Along comes Taylor and Arlene gets even more wanting to be possessive. 
Taylor’s ex comes to town after finding out from a private investigator finds her but he finds that she will not ever do what he wants her to do again.
Have fun reading the story and see if you agree it deserves more than 5 stars. Lynne Marshall has written a wonderful heartwarming love story. 

Review by Alexia | 5 Stars

"Her Baby, His Love" by Lynne Marshall is a wonderful book. I enjoyed this story between Taylor Clark and Joe Collins. Alone and pregnant Taylor moves away from her ex boyfriend, who is engaged to another women, to find a new life for her and her child. Joe is an ex con who becomes Taylor's landlord. What I found refreshing was that this book didn't show the characters in the usual angst of how they should behave or feel. Taylor moves to Charity, Montana and because of her nursing degree is able to find a job. She sincerely wants to be happy. Joe could've let what happened in his past leave him with a chip on his shoulder but he's a nice guy. There is so much more to their story. It is a pretty quick read as the book flows well.

Review by Michelle | 5 Stars

aylor Clark doesn’t make the best choices when it comes to men. After she finds her current boyfriend is cheating on her, she decides it’s time for a fresh start in a small town. Joe is also no stranger to making wrong life choices but has served his time. Now, he’s put his past behind him and has become a man of good character. When Joe meets Taylor, he believes he has found the one. The only problem is she’s carrying another man’s child. Can he put aside his attraction to her and earn her trust by becoming her friend? Is friendship enough or will the spark they both feel turn to love?
This was an enjoyable love story. The romance between the secondary characters was also endearing! 

Review by Helen | 4 Stars

Lynne Marshall brings to life the characters she writes about and the settings add so much to the story and this is a story about a heroine Taylor Clark who has a hard time trusting but to love she needs to learn to trust and who better than to help than the people of the small town of Charity and one very gorgeous hero Joe Collins although he has a few issues that Taylor needs to get over first. Their journey is one that has a few hurdles to jump first but those hurdles always add to a story.

Taylor has moved towns to get a new start in life she has been duped by a few men in her life and she is over trusting any man, but when she settles into her new job and house and now finds herself pregnant and alone she is determined to manage. Her landlord Joe Collins and neighbours Dixie and Ram help but getting close to Joe could be a mistake for Taylor you see he is an ex-con not trustworthy material.

Joe has lived here in Charity for a few years now and has been celibate for four of those years he runs the nursey and is always there to help but when new comer Taylor moves in he is hard pressed to remember he is celibate he is attracted to her in more ways than one and now that she is pregnant well that pull seems even stronger.

I loved how the town and Joe rallied around for Taylor when the ex-boyfriend shows up and I loved seeing how she finally realized that Joe is one trustworthy and very lovable hero and to see them start a future together with the baby had me smiling. A thoroughly enjoyable story that will pull you in.

Review by Lynn | 4 Stars

A sweet story of redemption. Finding a reason to trust again after a lifetime of disappointment leads to a new chance on life for Taylor, and Joe finds a way to forgive himself for past mistakes by becoming a good and honest man. They're an adorable couple ... and it's a pleasure watching them find their way to each other.

Taylor Clark is looking for a fresh start after finding out that yet another man has let her down in life, so she moves to Charity, Montana. From the start, she's attracted to the property manager of the house she's renting, but she's not ready to let another man into her life again ... and when she shockingly realizes she's pregnant with her ex's baby, it just complicates the situation even more!

Joe Collins is attracted to Taylor as well, but he leads a different type of life here in this small town, and he's not sure about adding a relationship to the mix. They agree to be friends and tell each other their secrets, but along the way they continue to rely on each other and grow closer. Taylor is able to overcome the fact that Joe is an ex-con, and Joe is willing to step up and care for her more than anyone ever has.

When her ex shows up in town making waves, will their fledgling relationship be over, or will they find a way to get their happily-ever-after?

Review by Adel | 4 Stars

This is a sweet story about two people who made mistakes in the past, trying to sort out their lives and not fall into cycle of destructive decisions. Taylor Clark was disappointed by a couple of men in her life and now she is pregnant, alone and starting over in a new town, determined not to repeat past mistakes. After being released from prison, Joe Collins moved to Charity to start a new life and become a better person. He succeeded in making a good name for himself and he is giving back to the community, but gaining Taylor’s trust is going to be the biggest challenge yet! 

I enjoyed the story and the way the characters changed their lives around to become better people. The chemistry between Taylor and Joe is explosive and the way the trust between them builds up gradually is fantastic. This is no instant gratification type of relationship between the characters. 

I recommend this to any romance lover wanting happy ever afters!