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Di Marcello's Secret Son

Di Marcello's Secret Son

The Secret Billionaires #1

Rachael Thomas

Di Marcello's Secret Son by Rachael Thomas

Reviewed by Helen

This is a story of friends, friends who are billionaires they are set a challenge from another friend and this challenge sends them on a journey to perhaps find happiness and love and first of we have Antonio Di Marcello he is going to be undercover working in a garage in Milan, this brings him back in contact with the only woman English girl Sadie Parker, that he has ever felt anything for, this journey is going to take him and Sadie on an up and down sensual ride that will keep you turning the pages.

Antonio has grown up in a loveless family an only child and heir to an old established family in Milan when he has a passionate and sensual weekend with English girl Sadie Parker but he is not capable of love and is forced into marriage to another an old family friend it is his duty. Although he moves on from Sadie he never forgets her and when his marriage breaks down after only 6 months there are secrets that must be kept and he moves back to his playboy ways that is until he meets Sadie again and learns of his son Leo, Antonio will do what he can to ensure that Sadie marries him for Leo’s sake.

Sadie did all she could to get in touch with Antonio when she found out she was pregnant and when that failed she carried on and has worked hard at being a single mother so when Antonio steps back into her life angry and determined that she marry him she does her best to stop this but in the end cannot. She really does want Leo to know his father but can she stop the feelings of the past those sensual emotional strings that are pulling her towards Antonio again.

This is a fabulous story there is so much emotion and such a sensual spark between them and Antonio is so sure he cannot love and Sadie tries so hard to not want to feel the way she does but in the end neither can deny this pull it is not just lust but love. This one left me smiling with such a beautiful HEA thank you MS Thomas for another awesome story, oh and I do look forward to the other two stories in this series.

5/5 stars for a great story

Published April 18th 2017 by Harlequin Presents