The Dangerous Billionaire

The Dangerous Billionaire

Tate Brothers #1

Jackie Ashenden

The Dangerous Billionaire by Jackie Ashenden

Reviewed by Helen

Well MS Ashenden has done it again in my opinion written a fabulous emotionally packed story that had me turning the pages as Van and Chloe get closer, the pull between them is strong and has been there for a long time, you see they are foster siblings and now that their foster father has passed away there are a lot of secrets that have been uncovered and a lot to be done to keep the family oil business.

Van was adopted when young and worked hard to be what his foster father wanted sent away to school then into the navy Sullivan “Van” Tate is a SEAL not a businessman and has a lot to prove as he sees it, so when his father dies he is called on to protect at all costs his foster sister Chloe and the family business, he has not been around the family ranch in Wyoming much and Chloe has been running it on her own for some time now so this is not going to be a straight forward task for Van especially with an enemy closing in.

Chloe has grown into a strong and beautiful woman but when she is left nothing in her father’s will and is suddenly told she needs to leave the ranch and go to New York and meet up with the one foster brother that she has always felt close to and with a threat to her life things are going to change for Chloe in a big way. And boy does she show her strength when push comes to shove.

I loved the way that MS Ashenden has put Van and Chloe through the wringer so to speak she makes them jump through ropes the passionate and sensual pull lights up the pages seeing Van come to realize his love for Chloe and the sheer determination in Chloe as she pushes him to the limits and herself is amazing yes I loved this one and am very much looking forward to the next one in the series another two Tate yes please.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Published May 2nd 2017 by St. Martin's Paperbacks