The Italian's Vengeful Seduction by Bella Frances

The Italian's Vengeful Seduction

Claimed by a Billionaire #2

Bella Frances

The Italian's Vengeful Seduction by Bella Frances

Reviewed by Helen

Well what a feisty and passionate journey to a HEA this one is, the hero and heroine certainly set off fireworks when they are around each other which makes for a story that will keep you turning the pages to see what happens next.

Tycoon Marco Borsatto has made a lot of money over the years but there is one thing that he still really wants and that is the old family home in the town he grew up in Montauk lost to him ten years before after the break down of his parent’s marriage and there was also someone else who had meant a lot to him beautiful Stacey Jackson and now ten years later Stacey literally lands back in his life with a lot of feisty spark still in her.

Stacey is a person who says what she thinks and always has and it has caused her a lot of problems over the years especially while growing up in Montauk she always felt like she came from the wrong side of the tracks her parent’s marriage had broken down and when she said the wrong thing to the only person that she was friends with well everything changes Stacey moved away and got on with life, fast forward ten years and that only friend is back in her life will things be different this time?

I really enjoyed this one it really is a very sensual up and down journey to a HEA lots happening lots of things said that shouldn’t have been and lots to talk about. I smiled and sighed throughout this story and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a good feisty story

4/5 for a great story

Published April 18th 2017 by Harlequin Presents


Reviewed by Nas Dean

THE ITALIAN’S VENGEFUL SEDUCTION is the second book in the mini-series ‘Claimed by the Billionaire’ by author Bella Frances. It released in May 2017 by Harlequin Presents series.

Marco Borsatto literally bumped into Stacey Jackson as she tried to run away from a sticky situation. She had stepped right in front of Marco’s car and narrowly escaped getting seriously injured in the accident.

From here on, Marco started thinking of her as his responsibility which irritated Stacey no end. She had once liked Marco but the situation was not best back then. Now, she was a different person and Marco had also grown up to be a successful business tycoon. But Marco had not forgotten her betrayal. And now it’s time for his revenge!

THE ITALIAN’S VENGEFUL SEDUCTION is a romance filled with emotions and drama. Despite all the emotional baggage and past grief Marco and Stacey carried, author Bella Frances managed to bring them together satisfyingly.

Recommended for all readers of romance.