Call to Engage

Call to Engage

Team Poseidon #2

Tawny Weber

Call to Engage by Tawny Weber

Reviewed by Helen

This is the second book in this series and I am loving them MS Weber knows how to bring to life these SEALs who are driven by honour and strength and to protect, and they also know how to treat a woman. This is Elijah Prescott’s story a time for Elijah or Rembrandt as he is called by the team to work out a few things that have gone wrong lately and to perhaps reconnect with the only woman that he has loved and he is going home to do so and what a journey it is sit back and enjoy.

Elijah has been injured and then the next mission was a bit of a disaster so it is time for him to head on home and get this sorted maybe catch a traitor and find his ex Ava the woman that he has never stopped loving and the woman he needs to sort out what went wrong before and that first meeting between them after four years is angsty to say the least but it does show that the spark is still there, now if only they can talk and with Elijah’s cousin Mac helping push them together that spark is sure to light.

Ava Monroe has got on with her life after the sadness of what was a big part of their break-up and has changed her life dramatically she is no longer that person who was influenced by her parents and quiet, she is now strong fit and desiring Elijah in so many ways so she is going to let her bad girl out and enjoy a sensual fling for now it is just what she wants. But when there is danger from within the SEALs and Ava agrees to help this is pulling them closer in so many ways.

I did love this story there is so much happening and the love that has always been there between Elijah and Ava shows through danger and past hurt yes there were tears and smiles and big cheers as Ava stood up to the bad guy and let her feelings out. Another one for the keeper shelf and one not to be missed Team Poseidon are the best and I am really looking forward to Nic’s story thank you so much MS Weber for hours of reading pleasure.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story

Expected publication: June 27th 2017 by Harlequin Books