Playing the Player

Playing the Player

Sydney Smoke Rugby #3

Amy Andrews

Playing the Player by Amy Andrews

Reviewed by Helen

I have had this one waiting for me since release day and I have been really looking forward to it seeing as how much I loved the first two in the series and boy did I love it MS Andrews has such a way with words she brings out the best on the pages and this one is a hot sexy awesome story one that I could barely put down I laughed and smiled throughout this journey to a very sexy HEA with Rugby star Lincoln Quinn and school teacher Em Newman, my advice get yourself a drink and sit back and enjoy.

Em has had enough of men she is over them, been celibate for four whole months and even re-virginalized, you see she wants someone permanent someone who will love her and stick around, marriage not like her father who took off and she is determined that the next man she dates will be the one. It is a bit harder than she thinks when hot rugby star Linc Quinn who is a player is asking her out because wow the sparks that shoot between them could light up the footy field but she shows some strength.

Linc is good at gambling, he has no intention of ever getting married, woman are easy for him oh he treats them very well but does not want permanent so when at a poker game his team mates make a bet with him about Em well who is he to refuse. He works very hard to get Em on a date and soon the bet is forgotten because Linc is so drawn to Em he really likes her Em has such an amazing personality they are so well suited and the sparks are getting stronger and their time together is heating up.

WOW this one is a cracker of a story, steamy, sexy and so well written Linc and Em just come to life on the pages, it is moving, beautiful and really a story that you should not miss of course they both have to come around to an amicable solution to their love for each other and what they both want and it is done is such a great way. I absolutely loved Linc he is to die for and Em well what a woman what strength she shows woohoo thank you MS Andrews for a fabulous story. Bring on more of this smoking hot team 

5/5 stars

Published January 30th 2017 by Entangled Publishing LLC