The Promise Of Rain by Rula Sinara

Reviewed by Desere

This was a beautiful and stunning love story of old lovers being reunited. Yes, that has been done so many times before but this time around I actually found the author added much more refreshing moments that I have found in other similar reads.

The heroine Anna and Jack were friends for a long time before taking their relationship to the next level of intimacy this lead to Anna becoming pregnant. Before she tells him Jack proposes, Anna panics and runs off to Africa to give attention to her elephant project.

Four years later she runs smack bang into Jack and aside from him being beyond furious that she never let him know about him being a father, he has to come up with a way to get his child back to the United States, but we all know that is mess we don't wish upon our worst enemies.

I loved the characters from this read, Jack and Anna were both portrayed as very realistic and I could connect with them both on a very emotional level.

It has to be so hard to know you are to be a mother and not tell the father, yes some woman can't always make contact and let the father know but when you can and things hit a rough spot as, let's face it being a single mother is never easy, and thus keeping it all to yourself and just hanging in there when you know you can have help is one of the bravest acts ever.

I could fully understand Jack's anger but I did at one stage feel he was approaching the entire situation wrong but I was delighted when the author twisted and turned him into a hero that will make your toes curl and just give you that warm and fuzzy 'that's what love is all about' feeling.

The backdrop settings were absolutely breathtaking! I was entranced at the descriptions of Africa and the poaching of elephants. I was transported to a truly whole other world with stunning, stunning STUNNING and vivid imaginations from the author.

I highly recommend this fabulous, sweet and truly heartwarming read from a brilliant author!
5/5 star review
" The promise of rain brings the power of a new life" 

Reviewed by Nas

THE PROMISE OF RAIN is by debut author Rula Sinara and is a Harlequin Heartwarming release for January 2014.

Anna Bekker is trying to keep her research fund coming from the foundation and keeping her small family around her.

But the research director sent Dr Jackson Harper to audit her funds. Guess what Jack discovers? Anna has a daughter and he is the father of her child! Would Jack ever forgive Anna after her transgression? Could he walk away now from his daughter and Anna?

THE PROMISE OF RAIN is full of warmth and tenderness as well as some exciting moments. This reunion romance is well depicted amid some exotic setting. I loved reading about a new place and the elephant research and rescue seen through the eyes of the author, Rula Sinara. The atmospheric details were very well written. And the romance and emotional development between Anna, Jack and their daughter, Pippa as well as some other characters were realistically done.

4.5 out of 5 stars.