What goes on tour by Claire Boston

What Goes on Tour

Reviewed by Desere

Most rock-star's faces are so well known they cannot even walk into a supermarket, they will be smothered by fans.

So when the rock-star Aiden , in this read hides his real identity it is completely understandable. The privacy of course also helps since he has now become guardian to his ten year old niece, who by the way folks is as cute as a button!

However he still does require a nanny to take care of ten year old Kate when he does go on tour, and in this lies his current dilemma, the nanny quits!

This is where the read moves onto Libby, all she has ever wanted to be is a successful author, but with that only being a dream on the horizon she decides taking the job of nanny to Kate is seems the perfect solution out of her temporary slump, writing will still be there tomorrow.

But her job does not prove to be all delightful song and dance, Aiden is one heck of a distraction and almost impossible to live with. But soon she finds herself not only in his bed but trying to understand why this arrogant man wants her in his bed and his life on a permanent basis, that just doesn't sound right at all.

I really enjoyed this read, it was fun, fresh and exciting. The read did seem to start out just a little too slow like it was going to drag out and take quite a  long while to get up to speed, but after a few chapters the author really got going and everything started blending very nicely.

Books about rock-stars have been done before and most of them show a clear message about how we all need to remember that rock-stars are actual people and not the give the fans what they want puppets. This read was no different, however the author brought the message home with much more intensity, I could actually pick up on just how much emotion the author put into this book.

There was also the added message of when someone loves you they do so unconditionally, they accept you for who you are simply because they love you and cannot live with you, do not question it, just go with it.

Very heartfelt read, I recommend this read for anyone who enjoys romance reads set against a musical backdrop.

4.5 star review
" She just got front row seats to the tour of love"