Trail of Obsession by Rebecca Tust ~ The Trail Series Book 1

Trail of Obsession

Reviewed by Desere 

I am a huge fan of romantic suspense books , but there are sadly not many authors that manage to pull it all together for me. In some reads I find a good plot but not enough action or drama buildup, or I find a overdose of action and a very lame attempt at a proper romantic relationship.

The back cover blurb of this book sounded very promising and I can with all honesty say the author nailed it! I walked away a very happy reader. 

We meet good looking, hard working real estate agent Megan who goes out for a run, is violently attacked and left for dead, then she is rescued by very handsome stranger Stephen. After her recovery their worlds cross again and soon a blazing hot relationship starts. 

But our killer rapist friend still hides in the shadows, Megan is the only who got away and he does not like his scorecard empty. Of course Stephen will protect Megan at all costs, but protecting her from the killer is easy, he knows the guys intentions, how to protect her from an unknown threat, now that is a whole other ball game and a complete new set of rules!

The character of Megan was strong and feisty, she does have a few issues getting back up on her feet after the attack, which of course is completely understandable. This showed her as very realistic as there is no person that is going to simply get up and fight back directly after being almost raped, stabbed and left for dead. 

I liked how the author let's Stephen and Megan 's friends rebuild her confidence and I very much enjoyed seeing Megan's personality change. Yes it was a little bad in the sense that she now has to re-think where she goes and with who, but it did show her as learning a valuable lesson, one that we can all carry with us, never get to relaxed in your surroundings you never know what is hiding around the corner.

The character of Stephen was all kinds of awesome hotness and the perfect hero! He was sweet, kind, tender and so very caring of Megan that it made me smile over and over. I liked that he shares his mental strength with Megan to help her regain her ground after the attack, but I loved him ever more when he hit the point where he realizes Megan is in need of so much more and so is he.  It showed him as a lot of people are, you tend to think you know what you need from life then suddenly it all falls into place but you cannot have it all and then the decision making starts, the only question you need to ask yourself is "Are you making your decisions with your heart or you head?" 

I loved every minute of this read, there was enough angst to keep me on the edge of my seat, enough attention to detail to keep me interested , and enough heat and passion between the sheets to let you pick up on all those vital emotional relationship elements that make for a good romance read. The secondary characters were brilliantly incorporated. I very much look forward to the next part of this series. 

I am taking away a message of life has a way of showing us when we are too close for comfort, and when that happens it's the time we need to sit up and take notice of what life is trying to tell us. Don't go down in a lump, asses the details and plan the best form of attack to fight back. And don't ever let the past hold you back or surprise you when you least expect it, the results could be deadly.

I recommend this read for all fans of romantic suspense reads, just like myself you will find yourself yelling 
" Look behind you!", " No, really?" and yes you will even feel the blade slicing into the victim! Excellent work Rebecca! 

5/5 star review 
" The trail of death maps out a whole new road to life and passion"