A Night of Misbehaving by Carmen Falcone

Reviewed by Janie

The Mom's at his daughter's preschool call him "Sexy Dad," Brent, doesn't know this.  One afternoon while at work his co-worker Carl, "the man whore," is talking about hooking up with this hot woman from a dating website and 'banging' her.

When Brent looks at the computer he see's non other than "Super Mom," Georgia, from his daughters preschool.  "Super Mom" doesn't look like her usual self in yoga pants and ponytail she is gorgeous.

Brent convinces Carl that he is knows this woman and goes on the date instead.  Georgia isn't too happy when "Sexy Dad" shows up since Brent had turned down a date offer from her best friend Alice.

She wishes she would have asked for a photo and questions why he said he had blond hair.

This story is HOT!  You can read it at your own pace but it's a quick read.  My first book from Carmen Falcone but definitely not my last.

5/5 star review


Reviewed by Desere

This was a short read and only took me twenty minutes but boy oh boy was it HOT! The read tells of Georgia also known as 'Super Mom'. Her life as single parent has become a drag and she feels the need for some fun and just letting go.

She signs up for a online dating site, but when her date, Brent aka 'Sexy Dad' comes walking through the door she is first blown away at just how gorgeous he is and then concerned at just how badly this will affect her life.

His daughter and her daughter are best friends and the last thing her little girl needs is to be messed around by a "now you see me now you don't " father figure. Plus her best friend, Alice, will kill her for getting involved with the man she has had her eye on for a long time.

But Brent ain't no dummy, he wants Georgia in his arms screaming his name, on a permanent basis, and if he has to play all his wild cards to get her he will. He has always wanted he and now is his chance. But to convince Georgia of his good intentions will take a whole lot of sweet talk and scorching hot kisses, which works out just fine until she learns of his little secret!

I loved this book, it was crazy fun and super, super hot! The sexual energy between Brent and Georgia was off the charts. And the emotional side of the read was super intense, the author manged to not only pack loads of heat into a very short read but also gave me all the little snippets of the characters emotional up's and down's.

I am taking away a message of we all need to at one stage take a walk on the wild side to let off some of the stress of everyday life, but if and when you do and a happy future stares you in the face, don't let it slip from your hands simply because of the worry of tomorrow. Live a little and let tomorrow worry about tomorrow!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of super sexy, scorching hot romance reads. The read is the perfect escape to a walk on the wild side!

5/5 star review
" A night of misbehaving, some wild cards and a lucky coin leads to a super hot romance" 

Reviewed by Tash

Finally a single mom story I can relate to! The Night of Misbehaving is a cracking great short story which covered all of the emotions you usually only have time for in a full length story. 

Super Mum and Sexy Dad aka Georgia and Brent meet up on a date supposedly organised thru internet dating but what Georgia doesn't realize is that Brent demands he go in the place of his sleezy business partner. Brent and Georgia know each other through their kids play group. Georgia is known as the super fast and reliable and organised mom and Brent is known as Sexy Dad among the moms because hes hot, actually hotter than hit really and totally single dad.

Unfortunately when super mom realises who her date is shes ready to up and leave because Sexy Dad rejected her best friend without a second thought so caught between loyalty and total embarrassment about internet dating shes out the door! So why does Sexy Dad chase after Georgia and four chapter's later you're going WOW??? Well i'm not going to spoil it but lets just say there was lots of twists and turns and the heat had the story melting! 

A super fun read. I laughed and laughed at the authors humor. I was turning on the air con to cool the room down and I sadly sighed during the twists and turns. This story has the bones if a full length novel minus all the fill ins that make a full length story so you're left with the good bits and the parts you want to read. The story flowed and like the authors comments noted (yes im a book geek I read all the comments) this could totally happen, the characters are realistic. That's why i could totally relate... We all want one night of misbehaving and the way Brent tried to recall Georgia's name was totally classic and very male hahaha. 

A fab short story which I would recommend to all and also made me want more from Carmen :)

A Night of Misbehaving by Carmen Falcone is an April 2014 Entangled release which I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author in exchange for my honest opinion.


Reviewed by Nas

A NIGHT OF MISBEHAVING is April 2014 Entangled Publishing release by author Carmen Falcone.

Georgia Taylor is so ready for a night out with no complications so she went on a blind date from an online dating site. Then she saw that her date was no other than Brent Turner, a father from her child’s preschool.

Now, this is complication multiplied. Could she go ahead with her plan to have a fun evening? And what would happen when she finds out that Brent had his own agenda for meeting her?

A NIGHT OF MISBEHAVING is a short but very hot and steamy read. It is also an emotional story. You can tell that Georgia’s ex-her child’s dad was a loser from the interaction she had with him. But as a reader you just can’t help feeling for Brent when he takes responsibility for the breakup of his own relationship. The author, Carmen Falcone does full justice to this short but sensitive and sensual story. 


Reviewed by Maria

Georgia is one super mom who is in dire need of adult time.  A single parent with sole responsibility for her pre-school daughter, not to mention a successful career woman, she longs for some downtime.  She wants to chill out in the arms of an understanding male who knows and loves women and wants to give her a good time.  Hence, she resorts to internet dating.

And internet dating springs some surprises.  She finds herself looking at \Brent, aka Sexy Dad, a fellow parent whose daughter is the best friend of her own little girl at pre-school.  It seems like a consequence free night is not on the cards.  They are too closely connected, there could be repercussions.  But what if one of them (or both of them) wants repercussions?

A short, warm and witty contemporary romance by a talented author.  Highly recommended for readers of romance and relationship fiction.  A word of warning, though.  This is because romance readers are quite diverse in taste and while some love to read hot and steamy, others prefer the more emotional sweet romances.  Georgia and Brent's story reads like a sweet romance in places, but once they connect, there are a few explicit scenes and some rather graphic language.  So if you love hot and steamy, go for it.  If you prefer sweet and emotional, well, don't miss out, but you might want to speed read through the hotter scenes to spare your blushes.  It's up to you.

Carmen Falcone is an author who handles hot romance with skill.  I'm giving her the full five for this one.

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

Even though her days are filled with her job and caring for her daughter as a single mom, Georgia Taylor knows something is missing from her life...a man, a companion, even a sexual encounter. Joining a dating site, she's gone on a few disappointing, meaningless dates, but when her latest date turns out to be Brent Turner, aka Sexy Dad, from her daughter's preschool, she's thrown into a dilemma. He's the father of her daughter's best friend, he cruelly rejected the sincere advances of her best friend, and her past experiences with men has been pitiful to say the least. If she gives in to the lust she feels, will she be able to face him when she meets him at her daughter's preschool without feeling shame or humiliation? Can she justify the breaking of the female bonding code with her friend for a sex- filled night of bliss, and then live with the consequences of that action? Would he be like her ex, running at the first signs of commitment or responsibility? She had chosen badly before. Could she trust her judgment this time?

Successful with his gyms, Brent Turner wants to take his company to the next step, offering a corporate wellness proposal to businesses. Only the announcement of a date with Georgia Taylor, aka Super Mom, from his sleazy man-whore partner, Carl, derailed his carefully laid plans. He couldn't let his partner near her. One: her daughter went to his daughter's preschool. Two: she was HR Director at a company where he wanted to pitch the proposal and a disastrous date with Carl would ruin that. Three: She was a sexy, gorgeous woman he wanted for himself. So the die was cast. He would go in Carl's place. What could possibly happen on a simple no-strings date? Wasn't he capable of logically getting her vote for his proposal? Wouldn't he show her a better time than Carl? At least they would part friends, wouldn't they? Not if fate has anything to say about it!

A quick read with just enough development of the characters to permit the reader to be fully engaged in the action of the story. A sweet romantic tale with a racier edge. Although there were a few explicit sex scenes, they were tastefully done. A sexy, hot short story about second chances and daring to hope for a happily ever after.

I would recommend to any romance reader. A copy was given by the author for an honest review.

4/5 stars With a dream, a coin and an invitation, anything can happen.