Tempted by Hollywood's Top Doc by Louisa George

Product DetailsTempted by Hollywood's Top Doc (book 3 in the Hollywood Hills Clinic Series)

Louisa George

Reviewed by Helen

Well what can I say this one was an absolute joy to read so many emotions our hero Dr Jake Lewis has the best sense of humour as well as being one good looking Doc and Heroine British born Lola Bennett makes me smile with her come backs at Jake as she endeavours to keep up with all the work her actress boss throws her way and do the thing that she wants most.

Lola has lived a life of acting and drama classes with her loving parents pushing her that way she is the best they say so when she moves from England to Los Angeles and the heart of Hollywood and writes a script because that is what Lola really wants, she is working for actress Cameron Fontaine as her PA and that has her working her butt off but it gets her closer to people she needs to give her script to but she needs a bit more confidence to do so but her life is about to do a full turnaround when she meets the impressive Dr Jake when he comes for a house call for Cameron their first meeting will have you smiling.

Dr Jake Lewis has come to work in The Hollywood Hills Clinic so as he can pay back his parents for all that they have done for him but with a stubborn father this is not going as planned Jake is a top neuro-surgeon and is good at his work and he is not happy about having to do house calls on the set of a movie but it is part of the job so off he goes and the first person he meets is the PA she is cute British and he is blindsided by her looks and personality and comes to the wrong conclusion about Lola this is going to be a fun journey as he learns so much more about her.

And what a journey to the best HEA through ups and downs and a very sensual pull between two people who have already decided on their futures and that is that their jobs come first but as they get closer and end up on the Island of Nassau for filming they cannot resist each other anymore and a sizzling affair begins but both are sure it will be a short one (I don't think so). This really is a magical story that had me laughing smiling and shedding few tears as Jake opens up to Lola and although they both deny their love for a while in the end the cannot deny it this is a beautiful story that I highly recommend this is one for the keeper shelf and it will be re read many times over MS George brings the characters to life on the pages I loved this one.

5/5 stars for a fabulous story
Expected publication: May 1st 2016 by Mills & Boon Medical