Conquering His Virgin Queen by Pippa Roscoe

Pippa Roscoe
Conquering His Virgin Queen
~Reviewed by Nas Dean

CONQUERING HIS VIRGIN QUEEN by author Pippa Roscoe is a Harlequin Presents release for April 2018.

Odir Farouk wanted his estranged wife, Eloise, by his side. But he had to blackmail, bribe or try any other means available to get her by his side.
Once by his side, Eloise couldn’t deny the attraction she felt for him. And they gave in to their passion. Now she found that he had never not wanted her. But he was denying his hunger for her.

CONQUERING HIS VIRGIN QUEEN is a sensual and sizzling romance with a hot hero and sensitive, courageous heroine. Author Pippa Roscoe’s story-telling would keep a reader engrossed in the story. Eloise and Odir seemed unable to ever reach their happy ever after with all the emotional baggage both carried. Yet moving past the grief and sadness they discover new joy and love in their lives. This inspiring romance gives a reader the message and imparts the lesson that no matter what tragedy befalls you, there is always hope.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Review by TashNZ | 4.5 Stars

A fantastic debut which I really enjoyed. 

It was different in a good way and i really liked the build up, plot and back-story. The cover is devine and I adore second chance stories and I think Pippa did a fab job in this element. 

I wish Pippa the bestest of luck with her release and a wonderful and long career. Looking forward to the next story.

Review by Janie | 5 Stars

In "Conquering His Virgin Queen" by Pippa Roscoe we meet Odir Farouk, who is about to become King, and his estranged wife, Eloise, that he wants back. Their relationship is rocky but their romantic interest is Hot. They must overcome the past and maybe then they can move on with their future. Enjoyed their story.

Review by Dottie | 5 Stars

Odir Faouk is about to become king and has a problem, he needs a wife by his side. No problem he has a wife but she left him and he needs to get her back. This is a debut book by Pippa Roscoe and after reading you will put her on your follow list. She has put these two people together again and written a story that takes place over 2 days and what an amazing two days they are . Eloise is feisty and Odir is determined and together you get an amazing story that you won't want to end, but end it does with a super lovely Epilogue. Loved this story and can't wait for her next.

Review by Lynn | 4.5 Stars

A royal reunion! With her debut Harlequin Presents novel, Pippa Roscoe takes us deep into the heart of a potential royal disaster ... and the drama does NOT disappoint! Her characters have a richness to them that even though they are attempting to hold themselves aloof from their feelings, have the ability to show their tender side with each other, even when they may not want to. The plot is fast paced and attention grabbing from the start. I deem it a big success and look forward to watching her voice shine in future books!

Odir Farouk is hours away from being crowned King but needs his estranged wife by his side. Though their marriage was arranged, it had potential to become something special until he decided to guard his heart and treat her indifferently.

Eloise gave their marriage her best shot, but she couldn't stand being shoved to the wayside and forgotten day after day after day. He couldn't have made it more clear that he didn't even want to spend time with her, much less share his life. When he needs her by his side for the good of his country, she'll make a few demands of her own this time!

Review by Helen | 5 Stars

This is a fabulous debut, fast paced, sensual, a marriage that ended before it started, a marriage where the heroine was pushed into it by a domineering father and the hero who wanted what was best for his country get yourself comfortable because you are not going to want to put this one down.

Odir Farouk Al Arkrim is prince of Farrehed and his brother had had a great childhood that is until they lost their mother and their father lost his senses he was so in love with his wife that when she was gone he caused a lot of problems with his country. Odir is never going to do that he has seen what love can do, so when he marries beautiful British Eloise although they met and have been friends before the engagement, he cannot afford to be distracted by her in anyway and when he abandons her on their wedding night and then finds her in a compromising situation and sends her away he keeps doing what he must. But now he needs her back after six months apart.

Eloise has grown up as an ambassador’s daughter travelling the world with her parents you would think that her life would have been fantastic but think again she never got the love that children need her father is overbearing and when he wants something he is happy to blackmail his daughter to get her to marry Odir. Eloise agrees and she likes Odir he is easy to get along with at the beginning but things change very quickly when they marry.

After spending six months apart Eloise has learnt a lot and is a much stronger person so when she is invited to attend an event by Odir she goes but to ask for a divorce, things have changed in her life but they have also changed for Odir he is about to become King and to do that properly he needs his Queen beside him. The sensual spark the push and pull between these two could light up London there are a lot of secrets that have been kept and until both open up their lives cannot go forward. I really felt for both Odir and Eloise and what they had been through Eloise is so strong and caring as is Odir in his own way it took him a bit of time to learn that he could love and when he did, together they became one and love flourished. Congrats on a fabulous debut MS Roscoe I look forward to many more from you and this is one that I highly recommend.