A Baby for the Billionaire

 A Baby for the Billionaire

Trish Morey

Reviewed by Helen

This is a beautiful story, a real Cinderella theme for me, I loved getting to know Angie Cameron she has struggled for a long time and when the wrong embryo is implanted and Angie finds herself pregnant with another man’s baby her world is upended, bring in Dominic Pirelli billionaire and father of the baby and the memories from his past are bought to life and another life is changing.

The phone call Angie had to make was maybe, harder than the decision she made to keep this baby and give it over when it was born, life had changed so much since the mistake was made, her husband Shayne has left her she is struggling but she is determined to give life to this baby even if a baby is the last thing Angie wants, but when she meets the father her emotions are all over the place.

Dominic was totally stunned when he received the phone call from a stranger, a woman claiming to be having his baby it never happened for him and Carla why now and when he meets the woman he is concerned that she is after his money and then shocked at where she comes from. One thing he knows is that he must keep his baby safe and he moves Angie into his beautiful mansion by the sea never realizing that she will get under his skin and break the walls that he has built around his heart.

I really loved this story so much it is filled with heart-felt emotion and Angie stands up to Dominic and slowly falls in love with not only the baby but Dominic as well he works his way into her heart and Dominic I do love seeing a strong hero realise he has lost his heart to the his beautiful heroine and Trish Morey has pulled out all stops to bring her readers this beautiful romance that had me smiling and cheering them on. This is a story that I would highly recommend to any true romance reader.

5 stars
Published October 18th 2021