The Innocent's Protector in Paradise

 The Innocent's Protector in Paradise

Annie West

Reviewed by Helen

Happy sighs from this reader, I savoured the sensuality that Annie West brings to life on the pages of her newest story, a story of forbidden love, his best friend’s sister and one of finding that crushing on your brother’s friend can last a long time, I do hope that you pick this one up and get to know Niall and Lola as they share a very sensual journey to a gorgeous HEA.

Lola Suarez is being stalked and the police have found no evidence to support her at this time, but when a blast from the past her brother’s best friend Niall Pederson arrives on her doorstep he seems to be the only person that can help, he is more than happy and determined to protect her at all costs and soon Lola is whisked away to a very private retreat in the hills of what will be a paradise for her. It is not long before her heart is opening up to Niall as they get closer while enjoying the Gold Coast.

Niall Pederson is a billionaire, self- made when he gets a phone call from his mate Ed to check on his sister Lola he is more than happy to help, but Lola is of-limits forbidden fruit in more ways than one he is not the right person to be trusted for a permanent relationship, but the more time they spend together the less control he has over his feelings and it is not long before they are enjoying a very passionate time together.

I did love this story, it is filled with emotion and so much love, what starts of as protection from Niall ends up seeing the walls he has built around his heart torn down as he realises that Lola is the right person for him and Lola what can I say a strong heroine who knows how to love the man that will always be her number one. This is a romance that I would highly recommend, beautifully written and it was a joy to get to know Niall and Lola and the setting was gorgeous. Thank you Annie West for another fabulous story.

My thanks to the author for copy to read and review

5 stars
Expected publication: November 30th 2021 by Harlequin Presents