Second Chance with His Cinderella by Kandy Shepherd

 Reviewed by Nas Dean

SECOND CHANCE WITH HIS CINDERELLA by author Kandy Shepherd is a February 2022 release by Harlequin Romance.

Sebastian met Kitty when she was hired to organize his mansion. She was intriguing but dare he take the first step? Kitty is also not open to love yet how could she resist this thrilling man?

SECOND CHANCE WITH HIS CINDERELLA is an emotional story. Author Kandy Shepherd brought this story alive on the pages. Readers would be thrilled meeting Sebastian and Kitty.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.


Second Chance with His Cinderella

Kandy Shepherd

Reviewed by Helen

I am a big fan of a Cinderella story so when there is a book with the word Cinderella in it, I am always happy to read it (mind you I never miss a Kandy Shepherd book) and this one just blew me away with such a gorgeous story, filled with romance, it is heart-warming with the best characters, this is one to read, come along and meet Sebastian and Kitty you are sure to feeling very happy at the end, I think this just might be Kandy’s best yet.

Kitty Clements was in PR and she was going places that is until everything changed for her forced to find a new job, her and her friend Claudia start a new business, packing up people’s houses and moving people and she does it well, when they are hired to move Sebastian Delfont from his docklands apartment to one of the most prestigious address’s in London, Kitty is shocked at their first meeting and it is not long before Sebastian is asking Kitty to be his household manager and the more time they spend together the more Kitty starts to break the walls down that she has built up around herself.

Sebastian is moving house, reluctantly but it is time to take on his new life, he has lost so many people he loves and been hurt by his ex, badly but it is time to move on and when he hires a company to move his belongings he is taken by Kitty who is there to pack his world up she is beautiful and not only that she understands his need to have things just right he feels a connection like never before and the need to spend more time with Kitty.

Kandy Shepherd has taken two beautiful people and pulled them together in the best romance ever, this one is beautifully written with such emotion and love getting to know Sebastian and Kitty was such a pleasure to see them open up and find the love that they both deserved after what they have been through, this one had me turning the pages there were many happy tears from this reader and I can’t highly recommend this one enough, a must read.

My thanks to the author for my copy to read and review

5 stars
Expected publication: February 22nd 2022 by Harlequin Romance