Redeemed by Her Midsummer Kiss by Liz Fielding

 Reviewed by Nas Dean

REDEEMED BY HER MIDSUMMER KISS is a sweet and exciting romance story. Author Liz Fielding has a spell-binding way with her writing. I could visualise the story as it unfolded on the pages. She also did a marvellous job of bringing these two characters together for their happy ever after despite their emotional baggage. This is an emotional and thrilling story with a natural emergency and all the medical drama as well as family warmth and relationships.

Recommended for all readers of romance. 

Redeemed by Her Midsummer Kiss

Liz Fielding

Reviewed by Helen

You can never go wrong when you pick up a Liz Fielding story to read, they are always beautifully written, heart-warming and are sure to lift the spirits of any readers, and this one is just gorgeous, the setting the characters everything, I loved it so much. I do hope that you will come along and enjoy Lucien and Honey’s story.

Honeysuckle Rose is a nurse who has seen some terrible things working overseas in war torn areas the trauma leaves it mark on her, she is also a descendant of the famous Rose botanical family and after the final nail hits when she loses her beautiful aunt Honey is home using the famous garden to ease her, but her peace is shattered when a new neighbour sets the gardeners on to the lawn, their meeting is not what a normal meeting would be and emotions are running high with them both.

Lucien Grey is a news reporter who has travelled the world reporting from war torn areas and doing all he can to help save as many people as he can, treated as a hero Lucien is back home in England coping with PTSD, he is renting a lovely cottage in the country to write his book, he has kept to himself that is until the banging on his front door brings him back to life in so many ways.

What Lucien and Honey have is a world of love to share but first they must both overcome the burdens they carry from the past and with each other and the garden this can happen, although there are a few accidents along the way. This story is witty, romantic and so very heart-warming from start to finish, I smiled and laughed so many times, I was cheering both of them on right throughout the story. Both are such wonderful people caring, loving, strong and vulnerable at the same time and the strength they share with each other brings them through and the gorgeous ending had me smiling and crying tears of happiness. I do highly recommend this one, it is a must read.

My thanks to the author for my copy to read and review.

5 stars
Expected publication: February 22nd 2022 by Harlequin Romance