Heart of the Firefighter

 Heart of the Firefighter

Jennifer Jansen

Reviewed by Helen

This is such a lovely story, a true romance, a friends to lover’s story, pick this one up and come along for the journey to a beautiful HEA and meet two firefighters, single mum Callie Williams and Andrew Panopoulos and a beautiful baby named Alexandra.

Callie’s partner left her high and dry when he found out she was pregnant he wanted nothing to do with a baby, but Callie is strong and has lots of friends even if sadly she has no family, she is a firefighter and those she works with are her family, her best friend Andrew has always been by her side and when she goes into labour he is there to deliver her daughter. Best friends they are and Callie never wants that to change, but does her heart?

Andrew has always been Callie’s best friend, he knows she is beautiful and such a gorgeous caring person and he wants to help her out with little Alexandra, so is always there for her even if he knows that one day someone else will swop her up and with pressure from his Greek family to marry and have children something holds him back, is it Callie, he is so worried about changing the balance with their friendship.

But when there is someone lurking around Callie’s house and Andrew is there more, one kiss and the barrier they have built up is breaking down and when danger arrives in the form of a fire there is nothing that will stop Andrew from making Callie and Alexandra his and his alone. A beautifully written story about such friendship and love, it is one that I would highly recommend.

My thanks to the author for my digital copy to read and review.

4 stars
Published May 27th 2022 by Amazon