Firefighter's Unexpected Fling

 Firefighter's Unexpected Fling

First Response #1

Susan Carlisle

Reviewed by Helen

I do love Susan Carlisle’s stories they are filled with emotion and fabulous characters that are very easy to make friends with and this one is no exception and yes it has been on my TBR pile for quite a while and I am glad I finally got to know Ross Lawson and Sally Davis.

Ross has wanted to be a firefighter since he was a young boy and for very good reasons, he is very good at his job and is now captain but he wants a higher position so doing everything right is a must but falling for the paramedic who works out of his station is not such a good idea.

Sally has moved to Austin after her divorce she is determined to finally do what she want to do and that is become a doctor and she has no intention of ever falling for another man, but the pull she feels when working with her captain is way too hard to ignore.

I loved this story, both Ross and Sally are caring and loving people who will go above and beyond to save people but the walls that they have built around their hearts is falling the more time they spend together. A beautiful story that had me cheering them on and left me feeling very happy. This is one that I would highly recommend to anyone lover of romance.

5 stars

January 1, 2020 by Harlequin Medical Romances