The Lonely Paddock

 The Lonely Paddock

Laurelle Cousins

Reviewed by Helen

This story has a lovely story line, vulnerable hero and bright and bubbly heroine who is always there for everyone not matter her own heartbreak, country vet and lovely country setting, a very good debut.

Ross Harrington is a country vet who feels he is not good enough for anyone, but he loves the animals he treats and throwing himself into his work after a tragic event when he was a young child is the life he sets himself, that is until he meets Flick and her dog Ted.

Flick Parker is an artist and teacher but her love is helping children who are going through really hard times and are in Koala Cottage at the local hospital, Flick volunteers here daily keeping the spirits of the kids up no matter her own heartbreak that one of those patients is her own sister.

When Flick takes her dog Ted for his vaccinations she meets handsome vet Ross and there is a spark but getting Ross to open up is very hard but Flick never gives up and when Ross is hurt at a polocrosse meeting and it seems on purpose Ross and Flick work together to put an end to the trouble.

The book was a bit slow in the start and I think Ross showed a lot of guilt throughout the story, maybe a little too much, but Flick was the heroine he needed to get him to open up and find happiness and the ending was lovely, this as I said has a lovely story line and I do look forward to more stories from this author.

My thanks to Escape and Netgalley for my copy to read and review.

3.5 stars

June 1, 2022 Esacpe Publishing