Dr. Chandler's Sleeping Beauty by Melanie Milburne

Reviewed by Maria

Meet Kitty.  A recently qualified doctor, newly arrived in Australia, she went for a night out to a fancy dress party dressed as a lady of the night, in a PVC skirt that almost wasn't there and laddered fishnet tights.  She could have cheerfully murdered her cousin Julie for talking her into it, especially when she had to bring Julie to the hospital with an injured ankle later that evening and the devastatingly handsome doctor mistook her for a hooker.

Meet Jake Chandler, a doctor in the Emergency department on the verge of burnout with all the heartbreaking cases he's been dealing with.  Just when he can't take any more, he has to attend to a call girl with a broken ankle, who has been brought in by her friend.  While he treats the lady (and her friend) with the same respect he treats every other patient, one can sense his revulsion at the suggestively dressed young women, reeking of alcohol.  When Kitty protests that she hardly drank all evening, just slipped in the alcohol by accident, he's bored, having heard that 'excuse' before.  

Imagine his face when he meets his new colleague the next day and realises that the drunken hooker is his colleague, the prim Dr. Kitty Cargill.

Kitty's given up on love, having been cheated in the past.  Jake doesn't do happy ever after, for reasons best known to himself.  Problem?  Yes, definitely.  Especially as the pair are becoming attracted to each other.  Can they get it together?  Well, we have to read on to find out!

An emotional medical drama to touch your heart and make you laugh out loud in places.  I love the way Melanie Millburne touches your heart with human stories and makes you rock with laughter too - all within the same book.  She has the gift for adding humour to the most grim situations.

A must read for lovers of medical romances - and for anyone who enjoys warm, human stories.

Four out of five stars.

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Reviewed by Desere ~

Imagine being mistaken for a hooker when you're actually a doctor! And your sexy colleague is the one mistaking you for the hooker and is repulsed at just looking at you. Tricky situation,and yet the brilliant Melanie Milburne has managed to change it into one of the most powerful and romantic stories I have read all year.

The book had drama and extremely spectacular emotion that simply took my breath away. The author as always managed to bring a special message across and touched my heart,mind and soul on so many various levels that trying to express them through mere words will not fully explain just how amazing this author's work is.

I was never a big fan of medical romance, but this was the author who changed my mind and since then I have become a big medical romance fan, as for being a Melanie Milburne fan?   That was from day one that I read her book Willingly Bedded Forcibly Wedded!

Once you get started with her books, you'll never look back!

And in Dr.Chandler's Sleeping Beauty she has once again proven just how easily she can transport you to a world of pure romance !

5/ 5 Star Review

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Reviewed by Nas

Dr Chandler's Sleeping Beauty

DR CHANDLER’S SLEEPING BEAUTY by USA TODAY Bestselling Author Melanie Milburne is Harlequin Medical Romance series release for October 2012.

After a full night shift and not looking forward to the party-goers with too much alcohol, Dr Jake Chandler comes across two drunken girls in the A&E. Dressed in short skirts and reeking of alcohol, they needed his medical attention for a twisted ankle. But what he doesn’t expect is to be introduced to one of the girls as his new colleagues’.

Kitty Cargill is a newly qualified doctor with a broken heart. But she made a first impression on her boss, which was nothing like what she expected to make.

Passion flares and sparks fly when Jake and Kitty meet. Jake is a commitment-phobe, notoriously sexy playboy. Would he change for Kitty?

DR CHANDLER’S SLEEPING BEAUTY is a romance packed with sizzle and sexual tension adding to the page turning quality of the book. Author Melanie Milburne has written a warm, engrossing and fascinating medical romance story that kept my interest riveted from beginning to end.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.  

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Review by TashNz

In the "Dear Reader" section of Dr Chandler's Sleeping Beauty the amazing Melanie Milburne shares with us how she loves to write how the characters first meet and I have to say that when the Australian ER Director Dr Jake Chandler meets the English Dr Kitty Cargill for the first time you KNOW you're in for a great ride!  

Jake is the hospital playboy, he's in it for a good time, not a long time.  However, a rather large bet with his sister puts a stop to that and the first person to come along to make him even consider forfeiting is Kitty.  Kitty however wants the white picket fence and considers good-time's a complete waste of time and the first person to make her re-consider is Jake. Both also have complications in their backgrounds which has considerable weight in why they each view the world the way they do.

One of my favorite memories of Dr Chandler's Sleeping Beauty is how it made me laugh. Laughter is the best medicine! When they're butting heads the conversations Jake and Kitty have are so witty and humorous.  Being work colleagues and neighbor's there's many situations where they are thrown together, opposites attract, sparks fly and the banter is just fabulous!

I am a new fan to the Medical genre and I would highly recommend Dr Chandler's Sleeping Beauty. It's a fantastically refreshing story with very appealing characters in beautiful location. The story flows beautifully right up until the highly satisfying conclusion. 

5 stars!