Marrying The Enemy by Nicola Marsh

Reviewed by Nas
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Marrying the Enemy (Harlequin Presents Extra)

MARRYING THE ENEMY by USA Bestselling author Nicola Marsh is Harlequin Presents release for September 2012.

Ruby Seaborn proposed marriage to Jax Maroney to save her company from financial ruin. She needed him to stop undercutting her company's prices in the jewelry business. And he needed her social standing to get into the inner social circle for his diamond mine business to go global. The advantage was mutual. But would the marriage in name only stay in name only?

But will they act on their very explosive attraction while together? Their sexual chemistry is volatile. Could Ruby and Jax keep their heart intact while enjoying themselves while being married in name only?

MARRYING THE ENEMY is a story I thoroughly enjoyed. It provided light moments along with scenes that provoked significant emotion. The give and take in the dialogue between Ruby and Jax is very enjoyable. Nicola Marsh brought a heroine in Ruby who had no hang ups in getting close and personal with Jax. She is sassy and fearless. And Jax, though alpha and gorgeous, turns out to be a sensitive hero. This story had both smoking hot sex, sensuality and emotional connection between the characters.

My rating 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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