The War Hero's Locked Away Heart by Louisa George

Reviewed by Nas
THE WAR HERO’S LOCKED-AWAY HEART by author Louisa George is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for November 2012.

Skye Williams is now going to do something for herself only by going on a European tour. But on the verge of leaving, she meets brooding ex-army medic Adam Miller. She feels instant flare of attraction for Adam. And she manages to get him to open up with her.

Adam was haunted by his fallen comrades and his scars. Could he put his past to rest and open his heart to Skye? But then she would be going away on her own adventure, wouldn’t she?

THE WAR HERO’S LOCKED-AWAY HEART features a sexy hero, a lovely heroine and a gripping premise that you will want to read it in one sitting. Adam is a tortured hero and Skye is one sexy, feisty heroine. Louisa George presents this sparkling romance amid all the medical drama. There is good, fast and witty dialogue. And the story is intensely emotional as well as very sensual. Highly entertaining and well worth reading!

The War Hero's Locked-Away Heart

Reviewed by Desere

In the War Hero's Locked Away Heart I came face to face with something I see and work with everyday. A hero comes home and has to readjust to everyday life,and also learn how to be close to people again.

Because I see and deal with this type of situations each and everyday I know how very hard it can be for the hero' s returning. Louisa George has done a brilliant job of incorporating the distress and turbulent emotion that goes along with trying to gain control over ones life while being haunted by a "pass life".

The author depicted a perfect setting,and her characters we both unique in their own. The author created a beautiful story of love being able to conquer it all.

She packed so much emotion and intrigue into her scenes that I could almost feel every single tormenting memory that Adam experienced.

And as mentioned with personal experience about situations such as this I can with all honestly say the author did her research and conveyed vital information that gave the book that very personal felling.  Louisa you have definitely melted my heart as reader.

Well done Louisa,keep them coming !

5/5 star review


Review by TashNz

Set in a beautiful Bay that could easily have been any beach I grew up next to and continue to live within walking distance, this story was already a winner in my eyes. I thoroughly enjoyed the NZ quips, I guessed the pub crawl with a giggle and couldn't wait to turn the page to see if I was right and sadly the motorbike crash scene is something that happens too frequently out on our beautiful coastal roads thru to the War Memorial that most small towns have.

This is the second action packed medical I have read in a week and I must say I'm fast becoming a fan! Adam is a ex war hero who has become a paramedic and Skye (beautiful name) is a nurse. Both parties have past issues to deal with to reach their happy ever after and with the clock ticking because Skye is about to leave town for her OE sets the scene for a fresh, action packed, romantic tale which had me continuously flicking the pages to find out what happens.

A no strings affair ensues and the time comes to go... Skye goes... what happens next I'll leave for you to discover... 

I will especially be looking out for more of Louisa's books :)