Rancher to the Rescue by Jennifer Faye

Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

In Rancher to The Rescue: Meghan Finnegan is a bride on the run. Jilted by the Groom when she approached the Altar she can’t make her escape fast enough. It was bad enough he did not want her, but he did not want the baby she was carrying either. Going so far as suggesting she end her pregnancy. Running straight to Cash she asks for his help in making her escape. A local celebrity chef she just wants to hide away for a little while and make some decisions on how to move on. 

Cash Sullivan knows a thing or two about being under a microscope when it comes to the press. Growing up his abusive father involved him in the robbery of a liquor store at the age of nine. He is sent to live with his Grandparents after a tragic accident ended the life of both parents. But he soon learned his grandfather was not much better than his own father. Verbally abusive he decided that marriage and children would never be a part of his life. He feared he would be abusive also. But Cash is a strong, sweet man who watches over his grandmother. And sexier than any cowboy, should ever be. His focus is the ranch he owns. 

Seeing Meghan sick and upset Cash offers to take her to his ranch to relax and lay low for a little while. But soon he is looking forward to shared meals and wants to spend more time with her. But what does all this mean to the confirmed bachelor and what will happen when he finds out she is carrying a baby. I liked that Cash was really there for her as a friend and she was just what this cowboy needed after being burned himself in the romance department. 

I really enjoyed Rancher to the Rescue. It showed two people overcoming the terrible obstacles that life can sometimes throw our way. And it brings hope! Hope that you are able to pick yourself back up, dust yourself off and move on. Hopefully it will be to a better place. This is Jennifer’s debut Novel and I have said a number of times in other reviews I have written. So I am going to say it this time with her. I love when and author writes with zero or no errors to their writing. To me it shows an author who knows her talent and is well versed. Well done Jennifer, I look forward to reading more from you in the future. 

4.5/5 stars


Reviewed by Desere

Being left at the altar by your darling husband has to be is bad enough for any woman, you have to face the stares, the whispers,finger pointing and the nasty remarks, all whilst the hero of your dreams is off doing who knows what.  But if he also goes as far as suggesting you get rid of the baby your caring I say push the idiot off a cliff and run as far as you can, for he will never be worth it.

In this very sweet and sensual read from Jennifer Faye this is the situation our heroine Meghan faces, but to make it a whole lot worse she is a celebrity chef so the focus on her non marriage is far worse than for the ordinary woman out there.

She thankfully uses her good sense and takes off running. She lands up in the arms of I'll-make-you-hot-with -just-a-smile Cash. 

Their relationship develops very nicely on a friendship and romantic level, but if he will let her stick around when she drops the pregnancy bombshell is a bit of a hit and miss as anything can happen. Will it be her ex all over again, is she bound for a lifetime of heartache of will the rancher come to her rescue?

The character of Meghan was great and I felt sorry for her being pregnant and alone, I felt worse for her than I would a non famous character, as it seems so much worse when you not only have a few eyes starting your way but the whole world.  I adored that the author gave her courage to face it, not as much as I would have liked, but yes she was still strong and that counted. 

The character of Cash was simply dreamy! He is so kind and considerate that it melted my heart and I would instantly grab the opportunity to snag this man's heart if given the chance. I totally loved that he picks up on what Meghan needs and goes for the win to help her get there. 

The fact that the author gave Cash a background of a celebrity status going too far in the public eye was truly great, it brought him down to Meghan's level and left a entire world of possibilities for this couple.

The backdrop settings were sweet and sensual, giving the read the perfect where love blossoms feel. I am taking away a message of "When life seems bleak, the grass on the other side is truly greener, for as hopeless as it might seem, take a moment,  step back and you will find the answer is already there waiting for you"

I recommend this read for readers looking for a sweet, sensual and kind hearted read filled with new beginnings arising from old hurt and past failures.

4.5 star review 
"Roped in by love, far sweeter than any public victory" 
Reviewed by TashNz
Rancher to the Rescue
Jennifer Faye

I adored Rancher to the Rescue and came away thinking to myself why on earth don't I read more books with Cowboys as the Heroes?!?

Where do I begin with what I really loved about this book?  I think the start would be a fantastic place.   If the first chapter can draw me in i'm hooked, I cant put a book down if the opening is great.  Rancher to the Rescue had the best opening! We meet celebrity-chef Meghan Finnegan fleeing from the church... on her wedding day! And while that's made me sit up, what's fantastic is we're watching it play out from the point of view of Cash (LOVE the name), former rodeo champ, who has a very cynical view on the whole idea of marriage.  Is Cash in the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time?

Meghan flee's the scene with the help of a startled Cash, a gentleman at heart who kindly offers Meghan a place to stay at his homestead while she sorts her self out.  I really admire authors who take the standard story and add a spin on it to change things up and that's what Jennifer Faye has done with Rancher to the Rescue.  Meghan is pregnant to her ex-fiancee, not that Cash knows that to begin with.

There's so many little things about this story that I loved that all added up to equal one great book for me.  Cash Sullivan is just devine and the way he's written has me seriously wondering why I don't read the cowboy books more.  He's hot, which is a given but it's the way he rises to the challenges in his way and the way he faces each situation as they come along.  He adores his grandma and he opens his home to a lady in need but not because he wants to get with her but because he genuinely wants to help Meghan.

A special mention goes out to Cash's Grandma... she's adorable in every way and added value to the story.

This is Jennifer's first book for Harlequin and I'll be putting her on my list of new authors to keep an eye on because Rancher to the Rescue was a real winner in my eyes!  It was funny, heart-warming, exciting and full of gorgeous settings with wonderful characters and I was completely lost within the story while I read it in the weekend.

Loved it!
5 Stars

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Reviewed by Maria

She was the perfect bride, the TV celebrity chef who was  about to have the perfect wedding, to be broadcasted on television.  As she reached the altar, the groom informed her that he neither wanted her nor their unborn child.  She bolted from the Church in shock and horror and encounters....no, not exactly a knight in shining armor on a white horse, more like a cowboy with a pickup truck.  But it was enough to get her away from the humiliating scene while her 'jilted' bridegroom confessed ignorance to the assembled paparazzi as to to the reason why she'd run away.  Rancher Cash Sullivan offers Meghan Finnegan a way out of an embarrassing scene and a quiet place to recuperate while she gets her life together.  And oh, so slowly, the two start to care for each other.  But deep down, Cash knows they have no future.  The ghosts from his past, ghosts of violence and alcoholism, make him unfit to be a husband and a father.  The best he can do for his beloved is help her get a new job, far away from him so she can start a new life.  Meghan, however, takes this all a little differently than he'd have thought.

It makes you wonder who's doing the rescuing around here!

RANCHER TO THE RESCUE is the debut novel from Jennifer Faye, a Harlequin Mills and Boon Romance release  and it's a worthy debut.  She's served us up a love story which fairly sizzles with sexual tension while keeping intimate details off the page. A love story which reiterates the message that the healing power of love can help people to throw off the shadows of the past and look forward to a bright future full of love and hope.  Sure, isn't that what everyone wants?  I'll take that message no problem.  I recommend this book to readers of romance fiction everywhere and to those who just like a good, old fashioned love story.


Reviewed by Nas

Rancher to the Rescue (Harlequin Romance)

RANCHER TO THE RESCUE by debut author Jennifer Faye is a July 2013 release by Harlequin Romance.

Meghan Finnegan gets dumped right when she is standing next to her groom at the altar. And the groom knew she was carrying his baby. So he in effect rejected her as well as their child.
Running out from the church, she meets Cash Sullivan, who is later accused of stealing the bride. He provides sanctuary to a pregnant Meg. And Meg realizes that she is attracted to him. But would Cash accept her with her baby? What would happen when he finds out that she is pregnant?

RANCHER TO THE RESCUE is an astounding romance from a debut author. It is a well-written tale that sparkles with emotion. Jennifer Faye introduced us to this alluring but tortured hot cowboy, whom we fell in love with and a strong heroine, who wouldn't take less than her due. A must for all lovers of romance.

Highly recommended and well worth reading.