Promise Me, Cowboy by C.J. Carmichael

Promise Me, Cowboy

Reviewed by Desere 

Some woman have the unfortunate luck of falling for a man that has already been taken to the altar, finding out before things go too far is always a bonus but when it gets to the point where his pregnant wife is pointing a loaded gun at you after catching you buck naked in the arms of her husband, now that has no bonus at all expect maybe of course that you now no better and you will surely never be making the same mistake again.

In this read from author C.J. Carmichael we get to know Sage and how her life takes a fall for the worse when her biggest mistake did-I-forget-to-mention-I am-married Dawson comes walking back into her life.

She hates the man, she never wanted to be the other woman and she has never been able to shake off the feelings of guilt and despair, and all he is to her is a reminder of her moment of weakness.

But she has moved on and built a good life for herself and she does not need Dawson shaking things up, ignore him and carry on is the only option she has until she learns there is a little more behind the one wild ride she had with Dawson and the gun baring wife that caught them.

The character of Sage was one I could sympathise with, as we all make mistakes but we also learn from our mistakes, if it does not break us it makes us stronger and this is the case for Sage. She does not go and lie down, she gets back up and moves on , yet she does not let go of the guilt.

Through this the author showed that even though we learn from our mistake, get up and move on the guilt that stays with us and that clouds our judgement in such a manner that anger gets the better of us and we never really let go unless we find the healing with in ourselves, by digging for truth.

I am not saying that Sage's reaction to discovering Dawson is married was uncalled for, only that I think we need to remember there is always too sides to a story and maybe over reacting is never the best route to take, maybe try to let someone explain before making a decision.

The character of Dawson was yes a jerk for taking Sage to bed whilst married but as the read progressed the author showed him to be very different from the man that Sage makes him out to be, even though he cheated there was a story behind his actions and he only needed a chance to let it out.

The backdrop settings and dialogue was well incorporated and it all felt nice and homey. I am taking away a message of secrets are never a good thing and being straight about it all from the start go will always end better, and never ever judge a person by their past actions everyone deserves a second chance.

I recommend this read for all fans of small town romance reads , a thrilling, exciting and sensual read.

5 star review
" He promises her the world, but can she believe him?" 

Copy received in exchange for a honest review.


Reviewed by Nas

PROMISE ME, COWBOY by author C.J.Carmichael is a Montana Rodeo series release by Tule Publishing for November 2013.

Sage Carrigan has almost recovered from her humiliation of five years before when in walks rodeo cowboy Dawson O’Dell back in her life and in her chocolate shop. She doesn’t want him. She has never forgiven him.
But Dawson has come to stay for the long haul. And he has a young daughter with him.

Would Sage ever forgive him?  The chemistry between them still sizzled. Could it turn to something permanent?
PROMISE ME, COWBOY is a humorous story with steamy sensuality and heart-tugging pathos. C J Carmichael has written a fun, engrossing and fascinating story of heart-ache amid all the rodeo action and drama which will keep a reader involved in the story from the first page.

Recommended for all lovers of romance.

Reviewed by Shirley

 Five years ago after a nasty accident while barrel racing, Sage Carrigan had left the rodeo circuit. After going home and healing, she knew she disappointed her father by refusing to rejoin the circuit or work on his beloved ranch. Instead, she opened a sinfully, decadent sweet shop named Copper Mountain Chocolates. She loved her little shop, her family and the town but buried in her heart she has a secret. The day of the accident her competing career was not the only thing she lost. Her world was shattered when the man she loved and who said he had loved her had his own secret...a wife. Now, with the Copper Mountain Rodeo in town, Dawson has presumed to darken her door once again with a long overdue apology. It was too little, too late. So if it was and she was so hardhearted against him, why did she feel the stirrings of love in her heart?

His wife had sworn they were through. She was finally getting a divorce. Dawson O'Dell believed her words and started an easy friendship with Sage that matured into love over several months. His wife's abrupt arrival in his trailer while he was with Sage was as shocking to Dawson as it was to Sage. Shock held him in place while Sage ran weeping from the trailer and then subsequently disappeared. Five years was a long time to wait to deliver an apology, but life had gotten in the way. He still loved her and he would move mountains to gain her love again. Would she ever forgive him or love him again, or now that he has extra baggage, would she push him to the curb and forget him?

I found this story a quick, easy read. Well developed characters wove a tale of romance, forgiveness, and the rodeo scene. Between the descriptions of the rodeo and the scenery, I was given a deeper insight into this world of cowboys and cowgirls and their love of the rodeo.

I would recommend this book to all romance readers.

I was given an ARC from the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars   Was her heart too broken to give forgiveness?