Seducing Phoebe by Nicole Flockton

Seducing Phoebe

Reviewed by Desere

Imagine standing on the verge of getting married to a a man that can give you everything, yes there is no love in the relationship but there is security and a certain level of caring.

Then suddenly your ex pops back up from where ever he took off to in the first place and declares his undying love for you!

Because all woman know that if you had the chance to get back a man you loved with all your heart, even if he broke your's, you still would hate yourself for not thinking about taking the chance to have him back in your life, and let's face it we all want love as oppose to just a little bit of caring.

So when faced with picking between her fiancée in-your-arms-I-feel -heaven- Marco and her ex John poor Phoebe is understandably torn and in a state of limbo.

She calls of the engagement and takes off running for the hills to clear her mind. She does not expect Marco to show up at her little retreat and demand that they are meant to be together and he will do anything to prove it, he will make her forget about John with every touch and every kiss her ex will be a distant memory never to be remembered again.

But will he succeed in convincing her that his caring for her has changed to something so much deeper or will Phoebe go running back to the arms of the man that once loved her for real?

The character of Phoebe was pretty cool to read about as through her I was reminded that we all have that one special someone that hurt us so bad but when they are standing in front of us again they have the power to disrupt our perfect lives even when we know that once almost destroyed us, it certainly showed old love never fully dies.

I loved how the author gives Phoebe the courage to not overreact and instead go and seek space to try and come to a decision, but when Marco shows up, my first thoughts were this is the one she is meant to be with as he has the guts to come after her instead of letting her confuse herself by drawing into some kind of cocoon on her own, the type of man we all want, one that will fight for you till the very end.

The character of of Marco as I mentioned was the perfect man, yes he has some serious issues from his past that makes him a bit of a mystery and also act a little nutty at times, but we all have something in our past that makes us act out of sorts and the person in our life does start to think that we have lost it, as our reactions just don't make sense, but the author showed that the best way to deal with this is to trust someone and let them in so that they can understand.

The backdrop settings blended nicely and the dialogue was emotional all the way, from where undying love is professed to where secrets are revealed, the author held my attention and her words did leave me crying a tear every now and then giving the read that perfect this is real life feeling.

The read did not feel dragged out or that it was not getting to a conclusion , the author instead let the relationship between Marco and Phoebe flow with ease and showed that all couples need to get to know each other, because if you don't the worst of surprises could destroy any chance there might be.

I am taking away a message of when you fall in love you need to never give up, keep fighting for the one you love. If you let them walk away, you will always be left with emptiness and the feeling that happiness will always be out of your reach. A passionate, heart-warming read.

4.5 star review
"She is the diamond of his heart, but will seduction be enough to prove it?" 

Review by TashNz

Seducing Phoebe by the Nicole Flockton is an October 2013  Crimson Books release.  Phoebe is friends with the main characters from Masquerade and Rescuing Dawn and this is her story.

I find Nicole Flocktons stories to be incredibly romantic and Seducing Phoebe is no different.  It's a heart-warming tale of a man who doesn’t give up on love or what he believes in.  In the modern day it’s what we do, we give up and walk away when it gets too hard.  Marco doesn't.  When Phoebe floors him with her snap decision to end their engagement Marco steps up and goes after the love of his life with both barrels.  As far as he’s concerned it’s not over until the fat lady sings.

Set mostly away from the hustle bustle of daily life at a reclusive beach house gives Marco and Phoebe plenty of alone time and lots of opportunity for dialogue.  I also  really liked there was an emergency situation that cropped up.  This also reminds me why I love Nicole's stories, the dialogue is meaningful, intense and has me turning page after page to see what happens next.

Phoebe is confused, she rushed into an engagement, hot off the tales of a break up that left her miserable.  When her past love comes back into town she seriously doubts her feelings for Marco... afterall they've never told each other they love each other.  It's during the time at the beach house when Phoebe sits down and wonders why that is and when Marco surprisingly arrives that Nicole starts weaving her magical way with words.  If you're looking for a darn good story to settle down for the night with, Seducing Phoebe is highly recommended.

Having  read the first two books, I totally loved the Epilogue.  What a fantastic way to wrap the stories up.

Finally, I must mention something that was raised in the book which deserves its own paragraph.  Tim Tams... my favorite biscuits in the whole wide world. I've read many a book with a packet next to me.

4 beautiful stars