Dangerous Desire by Annie Seaton (Entangled Ignite)

Reviewed by Maria

Annie Seaton's latest release is a real treat.  Romantic suspense at its most suspenseful...you just cannot put the bloody book down and get your washing done.  It's that compulsive.  You don't even want to go into the kitchen and get a cup of coffee for yourself.

Gracie, the kindergarten teacher who is looking for her missing sister reminds me of myself when I was a bit younger.  She is so innocent, she'd go anywhere looking for her missing loved one and find herself in a nest of sharks within minutes.  I loved her willingness to put herself on the line for those she loved.  Jake, the medically retired cop, who accidentally falls for Gracie then spends the rest of the story trying to get her out of trouble.

The world of the ocean with it's sense of danger around the corner and the difficulty of finding a missing person - someone could be lost forever within seconds - gave this story a delicious edge and sense of danger.  Jake and Gracie's love story was enjoyable too.  How this not-too-experienced young woman captures the heart  of this world weary cop makes for an enjoyable read.

The story was pretty hot in comparison to the Annie Seaton's usual work, as this is for a hotter line than those for which this author writes.  The scenes were certainly up to the mark.  But I have to declare here and now that I love this author's work and I read the book because of the author, not because of the fact that the line is smoking hot.

I loved the story and I loved the vividly descriptive language which brought the coast of Australia brilliantly, vividly alive for me.

Giving this one the full five stars.