I'll be home for Christmas by Jessica Scott

I'll Be Home For Christmas (Coming Home, #2.6)

Reviewed by Desere

As any good soldier knows going off to war is harder than it looks, you leave behind your family and everything that means the world to you knowing you might never come home again.

But for the sake of your country you suck it up and get going, but there is also another reason many soldiers return to war again and again. That reason is brotherhood, whilst at war your fellow soldiers become more than just the guy next to you fighting his heart out. It is a unbreakable bond and even in death one that can never be broken.

So what about their families back home, should they not be thinking about what they are going through, in truth they should and am positive they do, yet they keep going back to be there for their brothers in arms because with their buddies around deep in the heart of war, they can share their fears and any fellow soldier would understand what they are going through, something your family will simply never get.

In the new Jessica Scott read she explores this side of a soldiers life. The read is about Carponti, always the dedicated soldier and brother in arms he hits the desert sands of Iraq like a real trooper each and every time he is deployed, he needs to be there for his buddies or hell might break lose in the already hell on earth warzone.

There is one light at the end of the hell and that is everytime he returns home there is his beautiful wife Nicole, ready to take him back into her arms and always remembering to never ask about the war, she understands he cannot share it with her, but there is always hope that one day he just might. Carponti counts his lucky stars everyday for Nicole and her understanding but when the unthinkable happens he is not so sure Nicole will be around anymore, afterall he was meant to be home for Christmas.

The character of Nicole was as many war wives of today, strong and courageous ready to face whatever she needs to or atleast she tries to tell herself that she can handle anything except if Carponti dies. And as with all other war wives out there I take my hat off for Nicole, letting your husband leave time after time not knowing if you will ever hold him again is definitely no easy task.

Keeping it together while he is gone is even harder, yet when he is back in your arms it all seems worth it somehow. What I really loved about Nicole was that she focuses more on the good then the what if's when she is around others and her husband, she does not let her feelings show as to try and not let the other person get concerned, she does of course not always succeed but she still tries and I think this showed that we all no matter who we are need to remember that our insecurities can wreck havoc on the ones we love, we need to always try to keep it together for you never know when the other person might be the weaker one and you will need to be the light in the darkness that person clings to. Always let your love and strength shine, it can make a huge difference to someone.

The character of Carponti was really awesome, I loved, loved, loved that he was so funny and always cracking jokes even though deep down he has some serious issues such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Much like Nicole he keeps it all together for the sake of his men, and this showed him as all soldiers are, strong, already ready to kick ass and most of always brothers in arms. I adored him from page one and right throughout the read I could not help falling in love with him more and more. Yes, it might seem that no one wants a emotionally and psychologically messed up man but the light he emits is one of those that let's you know it is all worth it.

I loved that the author took the time to delve into both the lives of Nicole and Carponti, so many war related reads focus on the emotions of only the character in the war zone and not always what the ones back home are going through.

The backdrop settings were full of sexy heat and excitement of being in war torn country. I could smell the cordite and hear the gunfire, truly wonderful job Jessica!

The dialogue was all emotion and I laughed, bawled my eyes out and more than once shouted out "Yes" and " No that did not just happen!", yes the read was that intense and real! A very realistic and emotional read laced with loads of humour and sensual heat.

I am taking away a message of  when at war it all seems to be all about guns and tactics yet there is always a much deeper war being fought on the inside of those at war and those waiting at home. And when the unthinkable happens always remember that love is never about what you see it is about what lies within the person's heart.

I recommend this read for all fans of war related romance reads, but if you are not into swearing this read is not for you, am no big fan myself but I can with certainty say that anyone in a war zone runs on adrenalin and swearwords are simply part of it all and comes with the job, there is not time to stop and think about which words would be correct to use, so please do bare that in mind when reading this book.

The read was a look into the lives of those having to learn to live with war and the sometimes irreparable damage it causes, about love, kindness, understanding and most importantly just how strong love needs to be to stand the test of time. And about home is where the heart is no matter if your home is at war or back in the arms of your loved one.

5/5 star review
"Love is all we need in our darkest hour"