Her Firefighter Under the Mistletoe by Scarlet Wilson

Her Firefighter Under The Mistletoe

Reviewed by Desere 

Not all highschool sweethearts relationships last, sometimes fate has other plans. You might go your separate ways never to meet again or you might just find yourself back in each others arms one day.

But to be re-united is not as easy as one, two, three. You have both changed as the years have passed and getting use to each other again is easy enough but scars from the years passed can cause a barrier that is so unbreakable that in the end giving up is simply easier.

In the new read from author Scarlet Wilson this is exactly what happens for Jessica and Callum, re-united after both stepping in to help save the lives of children in danger.

Callum is not so sure he wants any woman to be apart of his son's life only to have them take off and leave his son heartbroken once again. But ultimately he is forced to deal with it and it goes off without a major hitch. The real problem is Jessica, Callum is concerned about the once bright, sunny and full of life woman he knew, who now works every single waking minute of the day, never eats and gets moments where she goes in to a state of complete panic, for no apparent reason.

Callum is determined to find out what or who hurt Jessica and if he has to kiss her into revealing the secret he will, only when the secret is revealed will he want to stick around the broken hearted Jessica or take off running in order to protect his son.

The character of Jessica was really well written, but she totally broke my heart. Right throughout the book I cried every single time she popped up in the read, which of course was pretty much all the time as she is afterall the heroine so yes , tears, tears and more tears!

I felt so extremely sad for her and the heartache she had to face on her own, I did find myself wanting to slap her at one stage as I did not agree with her blaming herself for the circumstances of her hurt but I was also reminded that as in real life, when we face grieve nothing is clear to us and no matter how many times we are told it is not our fault the reasoning will always stay the same, the "What if, I did this or that, I could have changed the outcome".

The character of Callum was really, really terrific I adored his heroic and totally awesome attitude at wanting to dig until he got into Jessica's head. Not once does he back off or give up, he keeps going and I utterly adored him for it! Not every single dad out there is going to want to get involved with a woman that very clearly has some pretty serious issues, when instead is meant to be focusing on his child.

The backdrop settings of the scenes were brilliant! The opening chapter was so vividly described by the author that it gave me goosebumps! I could honestly feel the cold water and taste the fear of every single character, truly fantastic job Scarlet!

The dialogue was not one for the faint of heart, deep emotional scars being dug open and explored, really intense heartache all guaranteed to bring anyone to tears, so if you prefer the happy without any of the drama this read is not for you. But if like myself you find that every now and again you need to be reminded of the
situations of the real world and travel the journey to happiness with characters that might as well be real, this is a read that will let it all happen.

I am taking away a message of life can sometimes be so cruel that it will very nearly kill you, but if you can find the strength to carry on in life then you are guaranteed to be able to find the strength to get back out there and really live life at it's full. Don't go down by simply letting life float by day after day, let some light back into your life by taking tiny baby steps and eventually you will find you are capable of handling anything life throws your way. And never ever blame yourself for things that are simply out of your control, yes it will hurt but it is also life's way of making you stronger and setting you on the path to the ultimate destination in store for you.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance! It was heartstopping, sexy, emotional and simply fabulous!! Scarlet Wilson is a master story teller, laying out romance at it's best whilst still giving it that realistic link to real life making the characters truly pop from the pages and stay with you from page one and long after the read is finished.

Keep them coming Scarlet!

5/5 star review
"He's on a mission to rescue the one woman he has never forgotten"

Reviewed by Nas

HER FIREFIGHTER UNDER THE MISTLETOE by author Scarlet Wilson is a Harlequin Medical Romance release for October 2013.

Jessica Rae had gone through the trauma of her son and husband's death via an accident. She was still grieving two years on and had no intention of getting into another relationship. But meeting her high-school sweetheart Callum and his heartbroken son Drew changed her mind.

How can she keep her heart close around Drew? And Callum needed her too.

HER FIREFIGHTER UNDER THE MISTLETOE is full of medical drama and is a fantastic read. Jessica is a pediatric consultant and with Callum a firefighter, the action is fast and thrilling. Author Scarlet Wilson once again touched our hearts with her emotional story and fast medical drama.

Recommended for all lovers of medical romance.


Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan

After losing her family three years ago, Dr. Jessica Rae, a pediatric doctor, has just been going through the motions. Relying on her work to fill all the empty voids in her life, she does her job extremely well, but the constant heartache and grief of losing her husband and son have taken a toll on her physical and emotional health. Only this morning her world will be turned upside down again. Called to an accident involving a van of nursery children, whose van has rolled down a cliff side into the icy river, she was unprepared to run into her first love from 13 years before, Callum Kennedy. They may have parted amicably then, but she has never forgotten their tender young love. Now it is too late to resurrect any feelings they may have had. Their lives have moved on and she no longer feels she has the capacity to love again. And even if she did, this new more handsome, sexy and mature Callum surely has secrets of his own. Could she take a chance again? Should she take a chance again? If she did want to try, is there any guarantee that she will not love and lose again?

Thirteen years for Callum Kennedy has been a long time. Now a rapid response and specialist rope rescue member with the fire department, his life is filled with helping others and caring for his young son. Over the years he has thought about Jess occasionally, but with marriage and the birth of his son, the times have been further and further apart. After his nasty divorce, his trust with woman destroyed, working at the fire department and protecting his son have become his whole world. Called to an accident of young children in a van lying in the icy river, he is unprepared to meet his first young love again. Only the young woman he remembers has changed almost beyond recognition. For the first time in a long time, he feels the beginnings of desire, but her icy facade confuses him. If he can convince her that they will go nice and easy, will she be willing to resurrect their young love into a more mature version? Is he ready to introduce his son to another woman after all the trauma and heartache he has experienced with his mother?

A totally wonderful book to read. With the background of medical problems and solutions mirroring parts of Jess's own grief, I was better able to relate to the problems that she had. Applying Callum's situation of introducing his son to a new woman in his life to other life experiences I have heard of made the character seem more real to me. Callum's son, Drew, was a treasure to read about with his lovely, sensitive and joyful nature. And when he had all those elusive medical problems, I could certainly relate to Callum's frustration in finding the cause and Jess's unease in operating on a friend's child. I especially enjoyed their visit to the Santa Village.

The vivid descriptions of the countryside, medical situations, and the trip they took made me feel as if I was part of the book. Well written with very well developed characters.

I would recommend this book to all romance readers who enjoyed a story of first love being renewed with a definite positive outcome.

I was given a signed copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars Could they find an everlasting love this time??