Geekus Interruptus by Mickey J Corrigan - September 2013 Re-release

Reviewed by TashNz | 4 Stars
New Cover

Originally read by the RBH team in May, the funny and entertaining hot short story; Geekus Interruptus by Mickey J Corrigan has been re-released by Bottom Drawer Publications with a new cover and minor copy edits after original publisher closed. 

Marcy has had enough of being ignored by her husband, Jess who's always closeted away doing whatever geeky stuff he does with his computer.  Marcy wouldn't know, she's not allowed near him.  We meet Marcy as she's convinced Jess is cheating on her.  Well she's not going to take this lying down/standing up/any which way and makes it her mission to  catch him out and catch him back into her bed where he belongs!

Mickey has done a fantastic job of describing Marcy and Jess, I can totally picture them, Marcy is just beautiful, drop dead gorgeous, the girl every guy wants.  She's chosen Jess tho, the skinny jeans kind of wearing software engineer aka computer geek.  Marcy cant believe this is happening to her tries every trick in the book to get Jess to notice her.

With Mickey's style of writing I was completely captured, I wanted to find out if Marcy was successful in catching Jess out. I was laughing out loud at some of the outrageous things Marcy gets up to and most of all I couldn't wait to see how it all turned out in the end.

Geekus Interruptus is an amusing and delightfully naughty little short story which is perfect for any time really; a sneaky read at work, a trip on the bus, waiting in the Dr's room...

If you've already read Geekus Interruptus, it's well worth the re-download and dont forget to take a look at Bottom Drawer Publications, a whole new world opens up for us readers and I found myself marking a quite a few stories for downloading.

I'm looking forward to Mickey's upcoming release thru BDP The Ghostwriters

Head to Amazon now, as I write this Geekus Interruptus can be yours for as little as $1.49.

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Geekus Interruptus
Original Cover

Reviewed by Desere

In today's world, geeks rule. Well not all geeks, as, let's face it, there are still those absolutely drop-dead-gorgeous-to-go- weak-at-the-knees-for hot hunks. But yes the emergence of the geek has ha made it's mark on the woman of today.

Some simply go after the geek because he has  money. However, in the new read from author Mickey J. Corrigan, she tells the story of  how a hotter than hot wild-and-crazy bombshell falls for a geek and it has everything to do with the man himself and nothing to do with his money.

Only after six years of bliss she finds her darling geek withdrawing from her, spending less time with her and giving her little to zero attention, so she comes to the conclusion that he must be cheating.

Now she has three options. One, take the geek for all he's worth. Two start a sizzling hot affair with a sexy neighbour or three, get her geek back in her bed! It all comes down to decisions and thankfully she makes the right one and decides to do a little spy work of her own, but in the end she will be the one getting the shock of her life!

The characters of Marcy and Jess were both written well, the author gave me, as a reader, the perfect description of Marcy, I could clearly see her as this wild and sexy woman who loves to get down and dirty, yet has changed her ways for the man she loves. I liked that the author gave her a quirky, crazy side when it comes to her man. It showed that the love of a good man can change even the worst of people.

Jess was of course nothing like the heroes we find in the romance reads of today.  He's not rippled with muscles nor does he have the looks that can get any kind of woman to simply fall into bed with him. He's just a plain old hard working computer nerd. Sounds pretty boring, right?  Well, to be honest, this character was just exactly that.  Boring! But he wa also a little bit mysterious and that gave him that certain little bit of power to draw you in, wanting to know just what he is up to and with who!

The backdrop settings were average, kind of just blending in with the situation the characters find themselves in, and most of the scenes were played out in the couple's home. I'd have liked the author to give a little bit more description as to what exactly the characters are seeing around them.  Yes, it's a short read, coming in at only four chapters, but still,  a little more attention to detail would have been great.

The dialogue was kept light but with a swear word here and there when the characters get a little stir crazy. I also found myself smiling at the silly lines Marcie throws at Jess every now and then.

The sexual content was not of the high level erotica kind nor of the sugar sweet kind more of a touch and go, making it a bit of a hit and miss in both the sexy and sensual department, as it goes the route of hot and heavy but does not fully make it there , thus not letting me as reader really be able to pick up on the true emotions of the characters, not a major problem but with half the read focusing on why exactly these two got together the full on explosive sex would have let me into their minds just a little touch more.

This is perfect for a quick afternoon read, when your looking for a little something different. A fun and quirky look at a wild and crazy Barbie meeting her own computer geek, with a totally unexpected funny ending!

The author shows definite potential for writing great reads that will make a impact.

4 star review
"Who says loving a geek can't be sexy"? 


Reviewed by Nancy Crocker

Geekus Interruptus by Mickey J. Corrigan

What is a beautiful " Barbie " like wife to do when she believes her geek of a husband is cheating? Why go to a spyware store of course!

In this short novel by Mickey J. Corrigan, we find Marcy at a loose end as to why her husband Jess is no longer interested in her. He is staying behind closed doors, working late and traveling out of own on weekends. Marcy realizes just how bad things have gotten when she is tempted by a neighbor into having an affair. Not wanting to lose Jess or her marriage, she sets out to get to the bottom of their problems.

Jess Margate really does love his wife, but he doesn't find her intellectually stimulating. So he has found a way to challenge himself. What he doesn't realize is his new passion and obsession is taking a toll on his marriage. We are looking at a true geek here. 

The characters were well written. Jess was believable as a geeky nerd, and Marcy came across as neurotic at times, which gets explained near the end of the book. I did have an issue with Marcy's character being paranoid about what Jess is doing, when she needed to question her own actions. But overall nice short story

4/5 stars

Reviewed by Nas

Geekus Interruptus

GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS by Mickey J. Corrigan is a May 2013 release.

Jess Margate loves his wife but needs to spend time away from her. Then Marcy needs to find out why Jess is spending so much time away from her and where. So she starts investigating with hilarious results!

GEEKUS INTERRUPTUS is a short, fun and emotional story. I enjoyed it and could recommend it for it's entertainment value alone.

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Reviewed by Maria

Geekus Interruptus by Mickey J. Corrigan is a short novella by an able author with an eagle eye for focussing on the details in relationships, romantic/sexual relationships in particular.

This is not the first time I've seen a geek feature as a romantic hero - Libby Mercer and Louise Cusack have both featured computer nerds in their romance novels.  But the premise is an interesting area to explore.  Marcy, a young woman with a high libido, stopped her sleep around lifestyle to concentrate on domestic bliss with Jess.  But all is not well.  Jess the man is present, well some of the time, but when he is, his mind is elsewhere. Marcy debates what she should do and decides to go for the jugular and find out exactly what her nerd is up to.

The answer is surprising.

I liked this story.  I know Mickey J. Corrigan writes erotica and sure enough, the ration of passion was there. The usual erotica trip, albeit condensed. Certain body parts hardening, others liquifying, the whole arousal trip then hey, it doesn't happen.  The big let down.  Of course when fulfilment comes, the earth moves (doesn't it always?  At least in novels).

A satisfying ending and lessons are learnt all round.  If you like short, fun, sexy reads, grab this one.