One Night One Mistake by Dilys J. Carnie

Reviewed by Desere

We all do really stupid things when we are young, sometimes our actions are of such a nature that once done the damage is so severe it cannot be undone.

But of course we grow up and with age comes wisdom, but no matter the age or the amount of wisdom we have learned there is always the chance to make a mistake that cannot be undone, and the words "I should have known better" echo in our minds over and over.

This is what happens to Gabe Fitzgerald, one night he gives into temptation and falls into the arms of Eva, he has resisted her for many years but now that she is in his arms he will no longer resist. But afterwards a secret and various other factors pop up and Gabe instead thinks it best to ignore Eva and Eva thinks it's best to take off and never return.

Eight years later Eva is forced to return for her father's funeral and this time Gabe is wiser and ready to make sure none of the past complications interfere with getting the woman he wants. Only Eva has wised up too and there is no way she will fall into the arms of the man that deserted her in her darkest hour, and she will never reveal her secret as to why she really left, that is if she can manage to resist 
I-want-to-make-you-scream Gabe and his overwhelmingly delicious kisses.

The character of Eva was a true heartbreaking heroine, her secret really undid me and brought tears to my eyes. I felt that she was realistic with regards to the manner that she dealt with her ordeal. Her pain and suffering broke my heart and at one stage I wished I could reach out and offer her a hug of comfort.

The character of Gabe was a real smooth talker and very pushy in getting Eva to open up to him, it showed him as the type of person you would want in your life, as no matter what they will keep pushing to find out why you are hurting but also knowing that if they do not push they will never break through your defences.

I will say that the read goes back and forth with the whole 'tell me the secret you're hiding' line for most of the read and right now you are thinking that is pretty boring and dragged out, but I will in response say that I think this was perfect, as I think the author showed that as in real life it is never easy to simply let go and let the whole sad tale of your life tumble out, a certain level of trust needs to be found.

So yes you might find yourself going "Is this ever going to end ?", the answer is of course yes but it does not end in the manner you may think, instead the author gave the read a different outcome by letting the secret come from a complete different source and instead going the route of actions speak louder than words, non predictable.

I am taking away a message of when you have acted upon impulse and the only word you can come up with is mistake, don't walk away from it, face it head on and instead try to deal with it as best you can,walking away might be a even bigger mistake as you might miss out on years of happiness. And never ever blame yourself for something you have no control over, it is simply life's way of letting you know you need to grow up first.

I recommend this read for fans of romance reads with secrets, deep emotion and rekindled love. A heart-warming, sweet and sensual read.

4/5 star review
"Only love can rectify the biggest mistake of their lives"