Snowbound with the CEO by Shannon Stacey

 Snowbound with the CEO

Reviewed by Desere

Falling in love with the boss is never a great idea, you could have a major good time but when it ends you could be out a job, so it is always best to steer clear and stick to keeping it professional.

For the boss of course it is a little easier, all he would lose in the deal is having to look for a new employee, so why not go for it and have a little fun.

Only if you know that you have one of the worlds best assistants you shut up, control the attractions anyway you can and get on with your work. But everyone knows that you can only resit temptation for so long, but will it be worth it or a loss you simply will not be able to come back up from again?

In the new Shannon Stacey read this is the situation Adrian and Rachel face, they want each other so badly but for the sake of keeping it clean and professional neither one gives in the the simmering attraction, that is a until moment in time leads to a kiss that in turn leads to a weekend of blazing red hot passion. But when Monday comes will they be able to move past it and go back to being just boss and assistant leaving behind the sweetest escape from reality ever to be found or will all promises be lost?

The characters of both Adrian and Rachel were great, very strong and knowledgeable with regards to what can happen if they give in which of course does not last, but it showed that as in real life there are instances that you need to keep it under control for the sake of survival but that we all also reach a point where the need to let go is stronger than the hold on control.

The backdrop settings were all very well incorporated and mirrored all the images of Christmas romance and life happening during Christmas time very beautifully. The dialogue was a little bit of powerful and emotional mixed with hot sexy heat, a definite winning combination.

I am taking away a message of life does have boundaries but when it brings up a barrier you do not want to break through for reasons that are your own, you need to know that the longer you try to stay away from it the more powerful it becomes, if the barrier block does not go away there has to be a reason for it lurking around. Tackle the barrier from a different outlook, you might find that you are meant to be on the other side of it. Life is all about taking a risk.

The author did a great job at giving as much as possible for a short read.

I recommend this read for all fans of romance with the perfect little escape romance during the Christmas season! A fun and sexy read!

4.5 star review
"One kiss and all reasoning falls away" 

Copy received via Netgalley in exchange for a honest review