Best Fake Day by Tracey Rodgers

Best Fake Day

Reviewed by Desere

Your sexy as sin teenage crush shows up at your door and proposes ! He whisks you off to Italy for the wedding and proceeds to satisfy every inch of your body all night long over and over again just like you know he would , but it's only for one day and only to help him close a business deal.

I betting by know you're thinking that it sounded very romantic but now not so much, and I would agree with you especially if it were me and I discovered the business deal is not so much a deal as it is revenge and am only the replacement for the actual woman that had agreed to the fake marriage.

But in the new read from author Tracey Rodgers the character of Izzy takes it all in stride and instead of running she sees the chance to fix up Jack and heal his broken heart, but when just as so many years ago the second she gets close he takes off running and this time there is no guarantee he will come back.

The character of Jack was a real piece of work, I very much felt sorry for him in the start after the author revealing his true intentions for the actions he takes, but I will admit at one stage I felt as if I could give him a good old whack for acting such a fool.

The character of Izzy was terrific I completely adored how she does not back down from what she believes she can make happen, the saying of "daring to believe" was so crystal clear and made me love the character to bits.

The backdrop settings were pure sensuality and stolen moments laced with secrets. The book also left a very powerful message for me as reader, the past sucks at the best of times. There is not much you can do about it , and it will always be there, but taking the past and changing it into something positive is the key to happiness and letting go.

I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a sweet, passionate, sensually charged romance read.

4.5 star review
" Fake wedding cake has never looked sexier"