Under the Hood by Sally Clements

Under the Hood

Reviewed by Desere

Not all woman would think that being a mechanic would be a lucrative profession nor is it all that sexy, unless the mechanic is male, is hotter than the hottest of engines and ready to rev you up all night long.

But female mechanics, nope not something you see everyday! So I was shocked but also pleasantly surprised when discovering the heroine in the Sally Clements read is a female mechanic, not that I don't believe woman can't do anything just as well as men, it is just something that is not usually found on a common basis.

But the author totally made it work, and instead of the heroine being swept off her feet and being rescued when having car trouble it was the other way around, and I could not find it more sexier!

If however you think this read was all about the heroine Alice rescuing the sexy Mark and then ending up in bed together, you would be so very wrong! It was all sexy, crazy flirt and even had a added depth to the characters past.

She not only rescues him but also catches him lying to her more than once and each time she is more furious, she has been through the jerk meter before and she does not need it again! But when Mark reveals his reasons she is not so sure he is the jerk she thought nor that she will be able to resist him.

I loved this little read! Fun and so quick and easy to read, took just thirty minutes! The author took a surprise situation and turned it into a story filled with sexiness and flirtatious fun.

Sweet and flirty reading material !
5/5 star review
"Under the hood there is so much more than meets the eye"