One Night In Santiago by Audra North

One Night in Santiago

Reviewed by Desere

When doing an emergency check in at a hotel no woman expects to end up sharing the room with a super hot sexy stranger, well not unless she goes out looking for it.

So when Lily ends up in the arms of lick-me-all-over Bruno she is understandably in absolute heaven but also slightly lost as to how she got from the check in desk drooling all over him to actually being wrapped around him.

But when morning light comes he will simply be the sexy stranger she spent the night with and nothing more right? Men that hot, that good in bed don't stick around do they?

This was a super hot and very sexy read, and also very quick and easy. It took less than a hour to read and the words flowed perfectly.

If romance reads that go from meet to straight to bed in less than five chapters are not your thing, or if some less than classy wording being used is not for you, then I will not recommend this read.

If however, you are tired of those long dragged out romance reads (not that they are ever a bad thing as yes the talking, getting to know each other and really connecting before getting down and dirty is definitely important and is what makes a romance read in depth) and just want that extreme hot and passionate connection to immediately pop and go into red hot overdrive this is the guaranteed perfect quick afternoon escape read for you.

There is yes a little bit of the in depth connection and confiding in each other before stripping but not as intense as in other longer romance reads, this however did not take any focus away from the intensity of this read.

The author packed a definite punch by giving me as reader a quick but powerful look into the minds of her characters and their backgrounds and what has brought them to where they are now.

A message of once we get that instant attraction feeling it does not always been it is going to be all about sex was crystal clear, for sometimes it is a heck of a lot more. And sometimes we are brought to exactly where we are meant to be and the hurt from the past is merely part of the journey to happiness.

A super hot and sexy read!

4.5 star review
" Daring to be selfish has never been this hot"