A Date with the Ice Princess by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Desere 

In this read we have ourselves a ice princess, however she is all ice for a very good reason. Ice keeps the people away and stops them from using her simply to get to her famous father.

However her all ice attitude brings her to a point where being lonely in her palace of ice is no fun anymore and she turns up the heat by participating in a charity event, the event involves her being bid on , yep who ever bids the highest gets to take her on a date.

But of course no one wants to date Abigail aka the ice princess and she goes along with the game simply to show she is not all that icy.

She does not count on hot-shot-I'm-all-game-to-tame-the-ice-princess Lewis to bid on her, nor that he is the only man , man enough to be determined to melt her into a puddle, one searing hot kiss at a time.

When I read the back-cover and noticed this is about a icy woman I at first thought " Oh dear that's been dong before", but knowing this author always has a trick up her sleeve or rather a way of placing a very interesting spin on things I was certain I could not pass this book up.

I was not disappointed, the author gave a very compelling medial romance story with vivid characters and stunning lines. I really enjoyed the heat bouncing between Abigail and Lewis, I found myself addicted to the fire and ice relationship.

What stood out the most was just how amazing the author let the characters become whist sorting through their issues, in all reads this is of course always what happens. The characters are at first all broken and then becomes healed through the help of another character, but what author Kate Hardy did was not only let Abigail and Lewis both heal she also developed them into so much more than healed characters and in the end I not only felt really connected to both of them but as if I had truly seen their lives and the change play out in front of me.

I'm taking away a message of you never know the real person until you dig down deep and seek, the trick is finding the courage to dig.

4.5 star review
" In his arms she is all fire and no ice" 

Reviewed by Nas

A DATE WITH THE ICE PRINCESS by author Kate Hardy is a Harlequin Medical Romance series release for July 2013.

Abigail was new to the hospital and was too shy to make friends easily. So her colleague Dr. Lewis Gallagher makes her his project to bring her out of the shell and make her a team player.

He bids for her at the auction and wins a date with her. She was known as the ice-princess because of her cold behavior. But he manages to bring her out of the shell and she starts making friends at the hospital. While  doing this they fell deeply in love with each other. But would they be able to commit to each other? Could Abby trust that Lewis wanted her for herself? Could Lewis bring himself to trust another woman?

A DATE WITH THE ICE PRINCESS is an emotional roller coaster of a read amid all the medical drama. Author Kate Hardy always brings her readers stories that keeps them riveted from the first page till the last. And this was no exception.

Recommended for all lovers of medical romance.