Bound by a Baby- by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Desere 

Becoming a mother or father is never easy, your entire life changes and never gets back to normal. For most couples this is no problem as having a child is of course what they want.

But if your not ready for it, or even wanting it at all, right there is where it gets ticker than trying to figure out how to change a diaper if you have never done it before!

In this read from Kate Hardy she tells of how always seeing the good in everything Emmy and workaholic Dylan become parents to Tyler after the death of his parents.

Of course these two not being in a relationship makes it super interesting, as all parents know it is a romantic, love filled working together effort to raise a child. But what makes it even more interesting is Emmy and Dylan don't like each other at all!

And soon the sparks of indifference start to fly. Changing diapers, getting up all hours of the night and avoiding baby spit is the last of this explosive godparent-couple's worries.

I really, really loved this read. It was so sweet and heartwarming, and it hit all the aw sweet notes for me. I really loved Emmy to bits. Her always seeing the good in everything around her was brilliant, it was as if I was seeing everything the author was describing through Emmy's eyes, in a whole other light then what I usually look at things.

Dylan was super sweet, yes a bit of a jerk with the whole "I never want kids" attitude but of course with the childhood he had I could understand his insecurities. What really made me fall for this hero was his willingness to learn to take care of Tyler. No mater how much he disliked Emmy he still always kept the best interest of Tyler at heart and this made him the perfect make my knees go weak hero.

I particularity liked that the author let the story slowly build into a full out romance read. Some reads tend to build the don't like each other, to friend to more relationship pace too quickly and I feel as if I'm left with only half a story and as if I was cheated,  and instead of a full romance read I ended up with five chapters missing.

It' s fine when done in other types of read, as it all depends on the how quick the reader needs the read to be but in certain cases a book can be over ten chapters long and it still moves too fast and ruins the entire read, so a big thank you to Kate Hardy for taking the time to really WRITE this book!

I'm taking away a message of life is seen through the eyes of each person differently, you might not agree with how they see things but if you stop for long enough to try and see it the way they see it, you might just discover more about yourself and lean that you are more than capable of handling anything that comes your way.

5/5 star review

" She sees the real him. He sees his life spiraling out of control" 
Reviewed by Nas

BOUND BY A BABY by author Kate Hardy is a January 2014 release by Mills & Boon Cherish.

Dylan Harper got gob smacked when he had to co-parent his young orphaned godson with the baby’s godmother, Emmy Jacobs. Dylan was against having a baby, so much so his marriage broke down.

Emmy took her responsibility very seriously. But Dylan was a distraction she could do without. To her everyday life and also to her libido!

BOUND BY A BABY moved me to tears many times. It is a full on emotional drama. Author Kate Hardy brought this tale shimmering with emotions.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.