Ballroom To Bride And Groom by Kate Hardy

Reviewed by Desere

I'm personally not one to watch reality shows, I much rather prefer to keep my nose on the inside of a good book. But when I read the back-cover copy of this book and noticed it's about celebrity dancing I figured I might need to take a peak at the real thing before reading the book.

So I took a little peek at the shows first before I read this book and what I found was that I really love the heat and passion that goes into the dancing and just how addictive the on screen emotions between the dancers can be.

I was a bit concerned that I would not find the same heat and passion in the book as the on screen is of course more realistic and in a book if the author does not convey that same realism the read falls flat.

Kate Hardy however gave me every single bit of heat, passion and flare I wanted and the added bonus of romance blossoming between the main characters Polly and Liam was perfection!

Polly was a very delightful character, and her always smiling her way through everything got me thinking that smiling is definitely the best way to handle most upsets in life. Smile and your enemies will never know what you are really up to, however when Polly is alone and the smile is no longer needed it also showed me that dealing with everything by smiling and never letting yourself really show another emotion in the presence of others will eventually take their toll and let the whole world think you are a easy come what may person and if they hurt you it won't matter as you smile everything away.

Liam was awesome! I very much admired this character for his courage to get back up and out there again to prove a point and become what no one ever thought he would be. Through this character the author showed that all it takes is determination and hard work and in the end it will pay off.

I'm taking a message of life hits us hard sometimes but if we keep pushing to claw your way back up to the top you might just meet others along the way that will show you the direction you are actually meant to be going.

A very awesome cuddle up with your best bear romance read!

5/5 star review
" The dance heat is on! But will it last behind the on-screen facade?" 
Reviewed by Nas

BALLROOM TO BRIDE AND GROOM by author Kate Hardy is Harlequin Romance and Mills & Boon Cherish release for February 2013.

Polly Anna Adams was officially 'resting' as in out of a job. Her fiancé told her there was no 'kaboom' in their relationship just days before they were supposed to get married. And then left her to pick up the pieces. Cancel all the wedding arrangements. Then her agent walked in and made her go to the audition of a TV celebrity dancing show.

Her dancing instructor was Liam Flynn. And meeting Liam, Polly felt the 'kaboom' but did Liam also felt that? He was trying to get his career off the ground after some set back. Would Liam let what he felt distract him from his career goal?

BALLROOM TO BRIDE AND GROOM takes a reader through the various dancing ways and I loved reading it. The chemistry between Polly and Flynn was scorching hot, while dancing and off the cameras. Author Kate Hardy brought to life a gorgeous hero hurt by past hurts and a strong, spritely heroine who also had baggage in her past. Then how she brings these two characters to their happy ever after is just fabulous to read.

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance.

4.5 out of 5 stars.