Changed by His Son's Smile by Robin Gianna

Changed By His Son's Smile

Reviewed by Desere 

Personally I have never thought it very romantic when the woman is the one proposing to the man and not the way around it's meant to be, but I have also always tried to remember that sometimes it comes down to a situation of no guts no glory.

In this read from author Robin Gianna I was introduced to Dani and how her moment of no guts no glory turns into one of heartache and loneliness, but also how this makes her stronger than she ever was when she needs it for the worst curve-ball life has.

The man of the hour, Chase turns her marriage proposal down and understandably she walks away, but she has a secret she takes with her.

Three years later she's back with the little boy that changed her life. Of course when Chase puts two and two together he is all for being a number one dad, furious that he never knew of his son's existence but prepared to do what ever it takes to be apart of his son's life.  That's the easy part of this adventure, the hard part will be to get Dani to accept his proposal and not give him a taste of his own rejection medicine.

The main characters of Dani and Chase were both well written and both had their own unique flair making them both likeable.

The author only here and there touched on their past relationship which made it a very intriguing read keeping my attention. I very often find in some reads that the author gives all the happenings of the past too soon and am able to puzzle the past events together far too soon and it makes the read too predictable, not the case in this read.

The backdrop settings were nicely described and well meshed together with the character's emotions.  The dialogue was of course for a medical related read very emotional and had me shedding a tear, but it was also very informative with just the right balance.

Some medical reads tend to either give too much medical information and it takes the edge of the romance and other's sometimes gives too little for me as reader to actually understand what is really happening. The author kept a very nice balance between being informative without making the read too much about the medical aspect and taking the focus away from the romance and actual life's happenings of the characters.

I very much enjoyed this read, well written and nicely planned out sweet and sensual. I'm taking away a message of no guts no glory sometimes does mean you will be let down, but you will at least know you tried. The let down will hurt but it will also make you stronger which in future will come in handy.

4 star review
" Smiles are worth a thousand words, or in this case worth a thousand dreams coming true" 

Review By TashNz

Changed by His Son's Smile is a January 2014 Harlequin release by debut medical romance author Robin Gianna.

What a wonderful medical story.  Dr Chase Bowen is truly a hero doctor/surgeon.  He works in the middle of nowhere in different countries, where ever he's sent with his team, providing medical aid to those who essentially don't know anything about the modern medical world, let alone modern civilization.  His ex, Dr Dani Sheridan turns up at his camp one evening.  Surprise! She's the new Doctor AND has an extra package on board which provides Chase with the surprise of a lifetime when he's staring into a miniature version of his own eyes!

I love how Changed by His Son's smile gets straight into it.  All the above happens within a couple of pages of the story starting.  To be fair Chase is fizzing that he's not been told about lil two and a half year old Andrew and immediately sets about getting to know him and doing all he can to convince Dani to offer herself to him in marriage again like she did years ago.  

There's many awesome aspects about this medical romance.  It's absolutely full of romance, while Chase is angry to start with he's never forgotten how he felt about Dani and does his best to remind Dani what she is trying hard to forget. It has amazing medical adventures and being in the part of Africa they are it's out of the ordinary and very interesting to see how they cope with what they have.  

Andrew added another great dimension to the story. Due to his age he could interact with the main character and provided many sweet and entertaining moments.  I did wonder in the back of my mind if he'd be the subject of a kidnap or something of the sort but when "the" moment actually happens I can assure you I was glued to my seat, my heart beating twice as fast as normal with the tension and worry!

If you're looking for a story sweet but exciting, characters loving but cautious, a fan of medicals or looking for a story to try to see if you like the medical genre, Changed by His Son's Smile is the story for you!  I would never have guessed Robin is a debut author, the story flowed brilliantly, the dialogue was believable and I was thoroughly engaged in the medical dramas.

4 Stars for sure!