No Time Like Mardi Gras by Kimberly Lang

No Time Like Mardi Gras

Reviewed by Desere

Women the world over know being arm candy is not always fun and games, because it comes down to "I have all the glitz and glam but no real emotional connection." 

And as most celebrities do when their wild ride of fame comes under attack, the arm candy is the last to find out about the indiscretions, as well as get called every horrible name under the sun by fans who only know the media’s portrayal of the celebs. 

Since heading for the nearest exit and a new life is the sensible choice, this is exactly what heroine, Jaime Vincent, aka Arm Candy, does. Moving to a new town, finding a job, a place to live are all doable and somewhat easy tasks, but keeping her hands off the temptation that is Colin Raine is the hard part.  

She wants it hard and as much as she can have of it too! When Colin makes the fatal mistake of helping her without asking, Jaime takes it as her cue to get out of his bed and take control of her life back. Only Colin is about to do anything and everything a regular geek can do to ensure he gets the hot goes-for-jocks-girl back into his arms, even if he has to slay a million relationship zombies to get her!
I adored the character of Colin, sweet, kind, smart and generous and of course in true Kimberly Lang style to die for sexy, even if he is a total computer, game creating geek! The way he handles his mother's rather sensitive condition gave him that little extra something that made him the perfect real life hero, making him as close to the real deal as possible. Just an everyday guy learning to make sense of it all when the one in a million girl ends up in his arms.
The character of Jaime was really fun to read, I really enjoyed how the author let her emotional, based-on-past- relationship hangup's bounce in and out of her new found freedom. It was as if I was reading about real women everywhere, because we all run through the, 'what if he is just like’, or ‘does this like that guy did,' when entering a new relationship no matter how casual or non life controlling we think it may be.
The setting of New Orleans and its Mardi Gras celebration was exquisitely described! The author made it so real I could hear the pulsating music, feel the rhythm rushing through my veins and touch the excitement. All I wanted to do the entire time was jump up and start dancing’ make a grab for my very own Mardi Gras necklace, drag Colin of to bed and not surface until the next Mardi Gras comes around. 
The read had all the ingredients of a best seller, fun, excitement, great conflict, a brilliant emotional punch and loads of humour. I'm recommending this read for anyone who is a fan of simply to die for sexy, sassy, sizzling hot, bursting with adrenalin romance reads. You will not only find yourself lost in a world filled with amazing characters and addictive settings, heated dialogues and toe curling kisses, you will also discover that once you've read Kimberly Lang there truly is no turning back!
5/5 Star Review
" He'll be her zombie slayer if she'll be his Cinderella"

** This is book one from the One Night in New Orleans duet, keep an eye out for book two Don't tell the Wedding Planner by Aimee Carson releases soon.