Uncovering her Secrets by Amalie Berlin

Uncovering Her Secrets

Reviewed by Desere 

Forgiveness is an easy word to say, or even to ask for but when you are the one needing to forgive, it can be the hardest play of life ever performed when trying to find the point where you can look past the part that caused the mess in the first place and simply forgive.

Then there is also the part where you can easily forgive but never forget, the two go hand in hand and in the new read from Amalie Berlin she takes two characters and through each one shows just how far some will go to seek forgiveness and just how badly betrayal can affect your life.

The read tells of Preston and how he now finds himself working with Dasha, the woman he once loved with all his heart, until she handcuffed him to a bedpost and stole his fellowship. However hard it may be he knows he needs to try to make it work, the other option is just too dire to even think of.

Whilst aiming to be on his best behaviour and not get into any old memories arguments with Dasha he starts to see a different woman from the one he once loved. And he starts to wonder who she really is and what is she hiding from. All these questions go flying out the window the second Dasha asks for his forgiveness, now there is something he simply can't do. Wonder about her, definitely, have passionate strip her naked daydreams about her, hell yes, but forgive her NO WAY, not when he has his own set of demons to fight!

The character of Preston was such an arrogant bastard and drove me insane, but in a good way. One minute he is the type of hero you want to grab and choke the life out of, the next he does or says something so sweet you just want to gobble up the deliciousness that is Preston Monroe! I really liked this touch from the author as in my opinion she showed just how haywire our emotions can become when we are facing our own fears, it's a roller -coaster of up's and down's and only if we stop and take the time to find out the why's will we be able to understand why the person is one minute lashing out and the next trying to be sincere.

The character of Dasha was very well written, through this character the author showed just how badly our past decisions can affect our future. We might think we are doing the right thing or even following our dreams but when we have to wrong someone in the process to achieve your goal, it's simply setting yourself up for years of agony. The regret will never leave your mind no matter how much you try to hide from it, in the darkness it will always find you.

The author weaved a stunning story of forgiveness and betrayal, letting go of the past and grabbing hold of the future. I'm taking away a strong and powerful message, don't go through life with your eyes closed you might miss out on the most beautiful journey ever created.

I can't wait to see what this author brings us next, her books are simply magical and filled with so much true and genuine honestly it totally blows me away every time!

 A passionate, emotional and heart-wrenchingly beautiful read!

5/5 star review
" In order to forgive one needs to find the reason for betrayal first" 

Review by TashNz

Uncovering Her Secrets by Amalie Berlin is a March 2014 Harlequin Medical release.

If you think a great medical romance is one that has action, drama, love and romance between the staff and characters you're drawn to... then you'll think Amalie Berlin's Uncovering Her Secrets is a fan-tas-tic medical romance!

Dr Dasha Hardin (interesting name, i'd love to know its origin) attempts to atone for her past mistakes with Dr Preston Monroe by having a lot to do with arranging for him to work at her hospital.  Dasha and Preston meet up on Page One and sparks start flying... hostile sparks that is!  Dasha has done something pretty unforgivable in Preston's past and he's not pleased to see her at all.  But the probationary period is worth sticking in there to Preston and he jumps right in.  Both being incredible surgeons they cant avoid each other, especially with Dasha being the temporary head of surgery.

Dasha and Preston are great characters, they both have things to hide, it's difficult to say who has the biggest secret.  Dasha tries her best to atone for the past and Preston does his best to run from her, to block her and to ignore her but as all good stories go, they soon need each other in more ways than one.  

I thought the author wrote a solid story.  It has fantastic medical emergency scenes, heart wrenching moments, funny moments with plenty of depth to become lost in as well as .  Dasha and Preston warily circle each other and when "the" moment finally arrives where they both let go, I particularly loved the part where Preston is telling himself "This doesn't mean a thing" and I laughed when Preston kept hanging up on Dasha but "new improved Dasha" rings straight back saying "We got cut off".  Great comeback!

I'd highly recommend this story to any medical romance fans and anyone who wants a solid story filling the pages, not just sex.

4 Stars


Reviewed by Nas

UNCOVERING HER SECRETS by author Amalie Berlin is a March 2014 release by Harlequin and Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Dasha wronged Preston and left him handcuffed to the bed after a night of sex to take up the fellowship they both were after. Now he is back. And yes, he hasn't forgotten or forgiven!

Preston has his own past to overcome. But he feels the chemistry between them flare up everytime they come close. Can they move from their past and forge ahead for something more?
UNCOVERING HIS SECRETS is a well-written romance amid all the medical drama. Amalie Berlin brought us a strong heroine who has spunk and would come up fighting. And a hero to die for. This author has originality and freshness in her stories which always amaze me.
Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Reviewed by Shirley Buchanan
If you had the opportunity to right a wrong from your past, would you take it? Would you still take it if your own job and future was on the line? Would you also take it if there was a past relationship that ended badly also involved? Dasha did.

Now acting head of surgery at St. Vincent, Dr Dasha Hardin has always had regrets over the wrong she did to Preston during medical school. Now her chance has come to right the wrong, but will that be all she finds? Will the feelings she felt back during medical school stir to life again? And the real question. Does she want them to?

Hardened by Dasha's betrayal in the past, Dr Preston Monroe is disconcerted to find his new job depends on her approval. A brilliant surgeon, but lacking in people skills, he has held five jobs in five years. Replaced in his father's attention by a new “wonder boy”, maybe now is the time to make peace with his past and move on. Only now awakening feelings of attraction for Dasha makes him wonder? Is a better job, smoother relationships with others and a blissful peace with himself all he wants to take into the future? Can he forgive and forget her past betrayal to pursue a new relationship or should he leave her with all the other mistakes and regrets he feels in the past where they belong?

An excellent romantic story with well developed characters woven with a brilliantly delivered plot. Using the medical field as the background gave the story added depth and dimension. I was very intrigued by the affect patients' medical problem had on the personal lives of all the physicians and medical staff. Love, betrayal, trust issues, and life decisions were wound throughout the story. From the first pages until the last, I found myself enthralled by the action of the story. Well done.

I would recommend to all romance readers. I was given a signed copy by the author for an honest review.

5/5 stars Would love shine for them again?