Breaking the Bro Code - by Stefanie London

Breaking the Bro Code

Reviewed by Desere

There are countless tales of woman who find themselves in love with their brother's best friend, of course it almost always involves a lot of sneaking around and learning things about each other you never noticed before.

But sadly it always involves a brother that might or might not break someone's knee caps, and that someone is always the poor hero in the story. It also involves discovering that it 's all a big misunderstanding of lust and no love, a friendship damaged and a large dose of uncomfortably.

In the second read from the very talented Stefanie London we meet Ellie Johnson, she has a lot of important things to think about and men ain't one of them.

But when gorgeous Col Hillam, her brother's best friend saunters back into her life, she's none too keen but he proposes a purely professional arrangement to help her safe her ballet studio but the last time they got within kissing distance from each other they got carried away, really carried away and it ended in disaster!

Col knows Elise is off limits but it only makes her more tempting and with chemistry this hot it surely means the bro code is null and void right? But will Elise want to play with fire again and more importantly will she put her heart on the line or simply let Col walk away and remember him as just another one of her brothers friends?

I adored this read so very much , it had sweet passion, intrigue and such a lovely combination of sweet and sexy meets lust and passion , that it just popped from the pages and I certainly did not want the story to end.

Elise and Col were both written really well and with loads of brilliant intensity and vibrancy , it simply seemed as if they were coming alive with each word and I can honestly say the more I read the more I expected them to leap from the pages any second.

The character of Col was very intense and very yummylicious! I liked that he wants to remain a private person at all times yet tries very hard to come around to that suave and all too smooth kind of hero that can let just about any woman's clothes drop with a simple hi. I adored him for trying yet I also wanted him to retain his privateness simply because it made him so much more mysterious, which I totally loved. I loved how the author eventually takes the two and combines it into the perfect guy.

Elise was really neat , I really liked her being so independent and always trying to think on a crystal basis, but it was so delicious seeing her crystal cool and calm thinking plunder to the ground when Col is near, simply sizzling entertainment!

I am taking away a message of leaving memories in the past is sometimes a good thing, but when it gets too much too handle it starts ruining your life and leaves you feeling drained. There is always someone you can talk to, as a friend or as something more, not matter someone is there waiting in the wings to help you through it. See them for who they are and grab hold with hands!

I recommend this read for fans of romance with sweet and sexy characters , a unique plot and a larege dose of bubbling hot passion !

5/5 star review
" Bro code or no code, this attraction is about to go up in flames of desire"