Bound by his Desire by Nicole Flockton

Bound By His Desire

Reviewed by Desere

Nicole Flockton is back baby! And oh my gosh is she back with a bang! The bound series continues and this time we meet Nick Rhodes, he has been burned before, so when his new assistant walks in he has one simple rule: no emotional attachments of any kind on either side!

Pamela is everything he needs in a professional colleague and best of all she comes with an ironclad guarantee, she absolutely will not fall in love with him.

So it's a win, win deal because all Pamela has on her mind is sorting through the endless mountain of medical expenses incurred through her mother's care. So falling in love with her sexy new boss and jeopardizing her new income is totally off the table!

But New York is a very romantic place and soon Pamela and Nick find themselves spending more and more time together in the city that never sleeps, hey stop sleeping and start fantasizing . Soon hotter than hot nights take over and Nick comes to a stand still, does he break his own rule to snare the woman of his dreams or does he simply let her walk away?

I totally heart this author and it's because of books like this one that she will always remain on my auto buy list. The read was super sexy and Nick is definitely by far the best book boyfriend ever! I wanted to strangle him, kiss him senseless, kill him and kill anyone that goes near him, yep I experienced all those crazy book emotions that let's those who do not read, think you are a complete maniac!

Pamela was such a stunningly written character that she totally blew me away, yes she's a bit of the normal lonely, sad, in desperate need of help but too hardworking and proud to ask for it kind of heroine but with a twist. The author let her still be all of the above but with such a strong inner light that you want to help her or you wish someone would help her but at the same time you don't want to because it would dim her light of confidence. It was truly remarkable to read about.

I am taking away a message of life does hurt, be it a former fling that only saw you as a dollar sign or be it a past that has resulted in you struggling to reach the top again, no matter there is always hurt. But when the chance to heal comes along it is of the most utter importance to grab hold of it and not let the past hold you back, because once walks out the door it ain't never coming back.

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance, it's sweet, hot, spicy, super sexy and will leave such an impression on you that you will not be able to wait to step back into the brilliant world this author creates , time and time again!

5/5 star review
" Bound by desire, sealed by destiny"