Claimed By The Sheikh by Rachael Thomas

Reviewed by Desiree

An arranged marriage to Prince Kazim - Al- Amed of Brazbin is a dream come true for Princess Amber, but then the wedding night comes and it all goes spectacularly wrong and a highly furious Kazim banished Amber from his kingdom and his life. 

But now the country is in turmoil and Kazim must prove to his people that he has the ability to rule and provide an heir for his people, to do this he has to track down his princess first! But find her he will, but will she fall at his feet and forgive him allowing him to stake the ultimate claim on his wife, of will she be the one sending him away?

From the first time I read this author's work I was amazed and just how much clarity she pours into her work, nothing is left the imagination. Think about when you watch a tv show and it abruptly stops and moves on to a next scene, am always left thinking " Okay was that over?" , and sadly this happens in books all the time. But not with this author she lays it all out and wows the reader in the process with remarkable romance.

I adored Kazim 's sexy fierce power struggle and Amber was totally wow , she wants to fight it all but deep down there is still the powerful love she has for her prince and it overpowers all those thoughts of sending him away, fabulous stuff! 

An amazing read about trust and forgiveness. Highly recommended for all readers who love a hotter than the desert sun read with loads of sweet romance. 

5/5 star review 
" Banished from his life, haunted by the past , willing to be claimed "

Reviewed by TashNz

A desert storm is brewing, there is trouble ahead.  Kazim and Amber are much like the desert storm brewing.  Trouble swirls relentlessly as Kazim goes in search of his missing bride, his missing rejected bride, his missing, rejected, abandoned and heartbroken bride!  Turned away on the night of their wedding and then subjected to more humiliation when her family turns their back on her for shaming them, the last person in the Parisian club Amber waitresses at is her husband, Kazim.  

Kazim is duty bound and he needs to fulfill his duty and return back home with Amber, trouble is brewing, the rebels are attacking, the nomads are restless, the beloved people are stirring so with promises to provide much needed medical assistance to a little boy, Amber reluctantly agree's to return home.

A wonderfully thrilling and passionate story which I read on a beautiful Monday afternoon in the sun. I loved the intensity and the deepness of Kazim, I loved Amber's heart on her shoulders and how she wasn't afraid to stand up when needed.  Beautiful locations included Paris, their home, the desert. I really wanted to throw Amber's father to the lions and given her mother a real good telling off, just an example of some emotions Rachael has made me feel.

A fantastic story I'd recommend to all Sheikh lovers!

Reviewed by Nas
CLAIMED BY THE SHEIKH by author Rachael Thomas is a February 2015 release by Harlequin Presents.

Princess Amber was working as a waitress in a strip club in Paris after her family disowned her. Her family turned her away when her husband of one day, Prince Kazim banished her. He had done his duty by marrying her so it all ended now, didn’t it?

Wrong. Now he needed Amber to provide an heir for him. But would Amber agree to Kazim’s demands? Would she leave Paris and her independence to go with Kazim?

CLAIMED BY THE SHEIKH is a powerful story of reunion, misunderstanding in relationships and redemption. It is also of hope and second chances. Author Rachael Thomas brought out tender emotion, sizzling sensuality and uplifting romance in Claimed By The Sheikh.

Highly recommended for all readers of romance.

Reviewed by Alexia

"Claimed by the Sheikh" by Rachael Thomas was one of those books that I wasn't sure I would like but I have to say that I really did like it. As a reader you do have to read it from start to finish. If you give up on it you won't get the whole story. 

It is an arranged marriage between Prince Kazim - Al- Amed of Brazbin and Princess Amber. To Amber it is a dream come true, but then her wedding night she pretends to be someone she isn't (experienced) and this infuriates Kazim who banishes Amber from his life. Fast forward to about a year later and Kazim finds Amber working in a strip club, not as a stripper but as a waitress, and he needs her to come home to give him an heir. 

Like I mentioned need to keep reading and find that Kazim should learn to trust and to deal with his feelings