Her Perfect Proposal by Lynne Marshall

Her Perfect Proposal

Reviewed by Desere

Journalist Lilly Matsuda writes headlines, she never makes them! Until she runs afoul of Gunnar Norling while on a assignment in the tiny town of Heartlandia. Gunnar has been sworn to secrecy about the town's mysterious past and he refuses to compromise that for anyone even very tempting and beautiful Lilly , who is as all journalists should be , hot on the trail of a good story!  And of course to her it does not matter much anyway, it's a headline today and a past story she did tomorrow. She'll be long gone and onto the trail of the her next headline before the impact of exposing the town's secret even hits her. That is unless she decides to put love first.

I have always loved this authors books, the stories are always heartwarming, gives new hope and simply shines like bright stars breaking through the clouds on a late stormy evening ! This read was no different , it had all of that going for it and more.

In this read it is not only Lilly that finds that new zest and hope for life nor is it only Gunnar, the whole charming and absolutely captivating town of Heartlandia finds new hope.

The fun part about this read was definitely the secret and mystery of the town, I found myself ready to climb inside the pages and dig just as hard and deep as Lilly to get to the heart of the secret and just why the town 's people are so determined to hide it.

All the characters in this read were simply marvelous, intriguing, and so realistic that they were all so much more than just characters, they were more like real everyday people I come across , the author brought them all to life with vivid clarity !

I am taking away a message of life is a challenge , with everything we do, but when we become the challenge instead of the real person we are inside, then it's not a challenge anymore, it's more of a thing we have become and thus we are pretty much no longer human. We push and push to reach the end of it all and along the way we are simply just little specs of dust that use to be, one needs to always remember what life is truly about or those who are or become important to us will merely see us a here today gone tomorrow. And no one wants to be remembered as simply just that.

I recommend this read for fans that adore romance reads with loads of lovely twists and turns , mystery and just plain crazy falling in love fun. Well done Lynne, keep them coming!

4 star review
" She rushes to make headlines, he rushes to capture her heart" 

Reviewed by Nas

HER PERFECT PROPOSAL by author Lynne Marshall is a Harlequin Special Edition release for March 2015.

This is book two of the mini-series set in the town of Heartlandia. Book One is A Doctor For Keeps released in March 2014 by Lynne Marshall. 

Journalist Lilly Matsuda moves from San Francisco to small town Heartlandia to start a new job as the town reporter. She is after a huge story as she wants to make her name by breaking ‘The Story.’
Cop Gunnar Norling doesn’t want anyone snooping around his town for it’s mysterious history. He intends to keep the town secret safe till the time to release it comes. Can he keep it safe from Lilly? After all she’s hot on the story’s trail. And Gunnar would like to shed his bachelor image in favor of happy ever after with this feisty journalist! Could he trust Lilly with his town’s secret and his heart? 

HER PERFECT PROPOSAL is a romance between two different culture’s characters. The dialogue is believable and realistic and I was thoroughly engaged in Lilly and Gunnar’s lives. If you’re looking for a sweet story with exciting characters who uncover thrilling secrets, then this romance by Author Lynne Marshall is for you. 

Highly recommended for all readers.