Hot Ice by Lynn Raye Harris

Hot Ice (Hostile Operations Team #7)
Hot Ice
by Lynn Raye Harris

Reviewed by TashNz
6 stars!

I joked with the incredible Lynn Raye Harris I was going to write a review that was going to be WOW! That's it! Just WOW!  Why? Because there are no words to describe just how freakin WOW Hot Ice is! I figured if I wrote WOW everyone would know what I meant!  My theory is totally blown out the water with the lovely Desere's review but may I just say WOW!

Garret "Iceman" Spencer is given the job of being Grace Campbell's bodyguard.  Her Dad knows the boss and there's no backing out of this command.  Grace is someone Garret sees as nothing but a rich and snobby Senator's daughter.  He wants to be out blowing sh!t up, NOT babysitting, it's the last job on earth that he wants to do.

Grace is not just a Senator's daughter, she's a successful scientist who is doing some research the badies want to cause her serious harm to get.  Grace is not snobby and yes, although her family is of wealth, she pays her own way.  And if Garret thinks he doesn't want to be anywhere near the city lights, he's feeling nothing close to what Grace thinks of her current situation.  She does NOT need a babysitter and thinks her father is out of her mind.

For someone smart Garret sure shakes his head at the dumb things Grace does.  And that there is a great example of the absolutely brilliant moments of humor that is sprinkled through Hot Ice.  I laughed so much.  Hot Ice isn't a comedy, it's full of sass and humor that I really enjoyed.  The sass and humor combined with the non stop action and the brilliant characters made for a story I didn't want to stop!  I loved that Garret got his story and I can-not-wait for #8!

I know I say this every-time I read one of Lynn Raye Harris's Hot series, but honestly, they just get better and better.  You think it can't possibly because the last is just so full of awesomeness that hello, yes it can!  Honestly, I can't find the words to describe how much I loved Hot Ice!

Thank you Netgalley for the ARC to provide my honest opinion.  I hope the above certifies my honest opinion is 6 stars - Keep em coming Lynn Raye Harris - PUUUHHLEASE!!!

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Reviewed by Desere 
Hot Ice (Hostile Operations Team #7)
Lynn Raye Harris is back with another totally awesome installment in the HOT series. This time we meet Grace Campbell , the daughter of a United States senator and leading a very privileged life. She moves within the social circles of the rich and famous.

But underneath all that little rich girl look she is also a scientist and when someone learns she possesses the knowledge necessary to create a new super virus capable of destroying entire nations, she becomes a target for terror groups and foreign governments everywhere.

Garret" Iceman" Spencer did so not join the army 's elite HOT to babysit some spoiled little rich girl, but as we all know when superiors speak there is no other choice but to comply.

And so Iceman finds himself babysitting Grace , what shocks him the most is when he discovers Grace is far from dull and underneath the glasses and serious scowl there's a woman hotter than any other he 's ever come across, and even though he has been burned before he still wants to jump right into the flame that Grace clearly is.

But the job comes first and above all he needs to keep her alive and secondly keep his hands off her , it's a full time job but hey someone has to do it, failure is not an option and as a member of HOT he will not fail, he will keep he alive at all costs , keeping his hands off her now that's a lot tougher!

Lynn Raye Harris has become the number one author for me when it comes to super hot , delicious and sizzling romantic suspense, the woman simply never fails me . I always walk away at the end of the books with everything I wanted. The action, the suspense, the scorching hot romance and best of all each and every time it's a new exciting plot with new twists and turns that simply enthralls me every time and brings me great reading joy !

In this read , book number seven in the HOT series I was transported back into that super sexy dark and mysterious world of  men giving their all to protect at all costs and complete the mission without fail. As I have always said there is simply just something so much sexier about a man on a mission than anything else and this author nails it each and every darn time, no idea how but am loving it!

Iceman was all that and more, I could not get enough of this man and at the end of the read I wanted more , more, more I tell you! Now without spoiling this read for anyone because believe me you HAVE TO READ IT, all I will add is if you love romance with kick ass adventure, explosive sex, emotionally heartwarming tenderness and a off the hook plot, you will love this book. Sexy, captivating and one of the very best in the romantic suspense genre, read it and thank me later !

5/5 star review
" She's not what he wanted, but she's exactly what he needs"