It Happened In Paris by Robin Gianna

Reviewed by Nas

IT HAPPENED IN PARIS by author Robin Gianna is a February 2015 release by Harlequin Mills & Boon Medical Romance series.

Avery Gerard is supposed to be assessing Dr Jack Dunbar in the medical trial he is conducting. He is operating on patients and replacing the faulty valves in their hearts with the device he had constructed with a team of biomedical engineers. Avery’s job is to collect data but she has also been given the responsibility of shutting down the trial if she thinks it’s putting patients’ lives at risk.

But Avery didn’t know the stranger she went out with was the Dr Dunbar. Could she keep her distance now she knows? The scorching chemistry between them landed them in bed the first day. Could they both keep their professional and personal lives apart now?

IT HAPPENED IN PARIS has a gorgeous hero in Jack, he is tender and sensitive. And Avery is a strong heroine who hides a mushy heart. Author Robin Gianna, by her spell-binding words brought this romance in the middle of medical trials and failures. I loved this story.

Highly recommended for all readers of medical romance.

Reviewed by Desere 
It Happened in Paris...

What started with a kiss could end with forever! Avery Girard might have sworn off men, but she can't seem to help herself when Valentines Day rolls around, she's in the city of lights, Paris ! And as everyone knows it's hard not to notice all the beauty, magic and pure romance Paris is able to bring to life, even when it's not Valentines day.

So naturally Avery much like any girl would, is lost in the moment and ends up spending Valentines Day with totally hot and totally irresistible Dr. Jack Dunbar, it's just one tiny little fling and that 's never hurt anyone, right?

Wrong!! After an afternoon of beautiful passion , Avery discovers that Jack is actually the cardiologist she is meant to be assessing, awkward! Even more worrying is when it comes to Jack, she's not only close to losing her perfectly perfected professional cool ,she's close to losing her heart.

This read was done in true Robin Gianna fashion, heartfelt characters, that were so realistic I just wanted to wrap them up and , keep them inside a little snowglobe forever! It's the kind of romance one simply cannot ever forget.

Both Jack and Avery have had more than their fare share of hurt in the past, but am sure all readers will agree with me that when the setting is right , the hurt from the past seems to magically melt away and it's only when morning comes that the magic fades and reality rears it's ugly head. That is exactly what these characters go through, from romance and passion to " Oh, oh, how did this happen?" .

The author captured the emotions of the characters with stunning clarity, I was right there for the romance is in the air, to the blazing passion and the past coming back to haunt them, simply amazing job Robin.

I am taking away a message of sometimes we end up in the right place at the right time, it does not seem to be the right place or right time at all, but you need to be able to trust life's little here and there steering's and come to realize that there is a reason behind it all, don't walk away , trust your heart not the past.

A highly recommended read.
5/5 star review

" She's the light he needs, he's the hope she craves "