The Sultan's Harem Bride by Annie West

The Sultan's Harem Bride by Annie West
Reviewed by TashNz
5 Stars

The Sultan's Harem Bride by Annie West is a magical February 2015 Harlequin Presents release.

As a reader I was swept away to the magical Jazeer where we meet Sultan Asim and journalist Jacqui who are brought together by a mix of tragedy and Asim's grandmother who is helping Jacqui with her research for a book she's writing about Jazeer's Harem's.

An epic opening of all proportions gives way to the start of a story which is a chocolate box treat full of fascinating, alluring, exquisiteness and divine drama and passion all rolled up into one delicious treat!  Then when Sultan Asim discovers Jacqui in the Harem - even more epic deliciousness is weaved.

Asim is a stand-no-nonsense  kind of guy.  He is the Sultan of Jazeer and born and bred aristocracy pours through his veins.  He knows it's time to look for a wife to have his heirs and the girls on offer are just not cutting the mustard in so many ways.  His Queen needs to fit so many categories. No one does and then when Jacqui comes into his life his interest is piqued.  Small problem!  There's no way, shape or form that she would fit the Queen department but she raises so many other emotions in him; distrust for her profession, surprise at Jacqui not hesitating to voice her opinion, grief when thinking of their link but on the other hand he feels passion, he finds her thrilling, he feels elation when he sees her and  every interaction between Asim and Jacqui  is edge of your seat stuff.

Jacqui is at Asim’s home for reason’s he’s not entirely happy with but Jacqui is determined to write the history of the harem the best way she knows how, with as much factually information as she possibly can. She doesn't care much for the growly bear she has to answer to daily, at first.  With a sad heart Jacqui progresses with care but the growly bear pokes her enough to gain her attention in ways that neither of them expect.

Fantastic characters, beautiful locations and an original story, one that swept me far away during a time I was experiencing my own personal family grief.

Annie West has such a way with words.  Strong and solid writing I think.  So much is packed into 186 pages that when I sadly close the last page on Asim and Jacqui's story I feel very much totally satisfied  and I absolutely loved it!

Reviewed by Nas
5 Stars

THE SULTAN'S HAREM BRIDE by author Annie West is a Harlequin Presents release for February 2015. 

Of all things, this story is based in the Sultan's harem. Imagine the sensuality and the centuries old stories in this harem. 

Author Annie West has weaved magic with this tale, spinning Sultan Asim and journalist Jacqui in a web so strong that readers would be hooked in this romance and would love to pick it up again and again to read this book. 

Highly recommended for all lovers of romance. 

Reviewed by Alexia

5 Stars

"The Sultan's Harem Bride" by Annie West was not what I thought it would be about because of the title.....It was so much better. Annie is a fairly new author for me, within the last 9 months, and I have to say that she doesn't disappoint the readers.

Sultan Asim of Jazeer is looking for a bride. He isn't looking for love he just wants a suitable woman who will bear his children. Asim is very protective of his family and the secrets surrounding the family. Jacqui (Jacquiline) Fletcher is a journalist. She was invited to the home of the Jazeer family to write a book about Asim's Grandmother and the Harem brides from the past. Being that Jacqui is a journalist Asim doesn't trust her. She was also with his cousin Imran on an assignment when a bomb went off killing him.

Much more to this story of the 'Desert Vows.' Mistrust, Sadness, heartache, and possibility of love coming out of it all. 5 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Desere 

Annie West needs no introduction, her books are magical , romantic to the very core, passion that explodes from the pages, and couples that live forever in the readers hearts. 

This time we meet Sultan Asim Jazeer , he has hundreds to woman at his beck and call, so why he wants the one that can reveal all his families shameful is anyone 's guess! It 's pure madness , or is it?

Journalist Jacqui Fletcher jumped at the chance to write a history of the harem, certainly not to become some sultan's plaything , journalism does not work that way, but she finds it really hard to forget the sultan's sensuous caresses and remember her assignment!

Asim knows she is all wrong to be the pliable princess he needs, but why does holding her feel so right? 

If you have never read any of the books by this author, this is the one to pick up and your life will be changed forever, first of all there is the opening was off the hook epic! No other word to describe well that 's a lie, amazing, hot , strong and leaping from the pages can be added.

I loved, loved LOVED Asim, strong and determined , ready to fight even the darkest of nights and boy oh boy does this man know how to send any woman's heart soaring, such an amazing talent is his when he starts to speak, it melted my heart but at the same time that sexy coolness I don't care attitude was there and it just blended perfectly, amazing Annie!

Jacqui , was fun to read, really fun! Come get me if you can, dare if you want to but you will lose, are just some of the sentences I can use to describe her. I thought of her as one of those heroines you know will not go down without a fight, but will crumble when the right touch is felt, and she was!

I highly recommend this read for all fans of romance reads, that deliver sexy, drama packed romance ! 

5/5 star review 
" She's bad for him, so very bad, but he still wants her"